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Best Tech-Free Entertainment for Kids

Tech-free entertainment for kids
We have been doing Family Movie Night for the last few months as Chuck has been working long hours. It gives the kids something to look forward to and reminds me to Keep On Smiling….no matter what. Each Friday we have been making homemade pizza and enjoying a movie as a family (sans Chuck). Well, the kids have been bickering and I have observed a way too much screen time lately, so we are in the middle of a two-week screen time break. We are one week in, and the kids are finding more ways to occupy themselves. Lets face it, we all need a reset once in a while. As the kids reset, I am helping them come up with non-tech activities to fill their days. 

So here is my list of  the Best Tech-Free Entertainment for Kids!


1. Board Games

Pull those babies out! We have a ton of board games, including 3 or 4 versions of Monopoly. My kids have a tendency to fight a lot while playing board games…I don’t like it, but in the big picture I do think they are gaining some life skills: negotiation, compromise and how to lose a game.

LEGO Challenge printable

2. Have a LEGO Challenge

If your kids are stir crazy, give them a LEGO Challenge. This LEGO printable gives a list of ideas of things to build. Make it a competition (or not, if your kids tend to fight). We have a bajillion LEGO, but when they lose interest, introducing something new to is always helpful.


3. Enjoy a morning (or afternoon) of Books and Blankets

Cover the floor with blankets and pillows and have a read-a-thon. Pop some popcorn and cozy up and read stack after stack of books (or chapter after chapter). My kids love this! Will you have a mess to clean up afterwards? Probably, but in my mind it is worth it to see them diving into and enjoying books.


4. Bake cookies together.

I don’t know a single child who doesn’t love baking cookies! Baking with you child helps them gain cooking skills, practice their math and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Our Breakfast Cookies are always a enjoyed her. Bonus? They are filling and if you add some milk and fruit, you won’t have to make lunch.


5. Non-Messy Crafts (my favorite kind)

These Qixels have been a big hit in our house for both boys and girls. Qixels is a creative activity set that inspires kids to use their imagination with cubes that fuse together with a blast of water to create an 8-bit world of monsters, warriors, ninjas and more, all while stepping away from screens. The  range in price from $9.99 to $19.99. Qixels are appropriate for kids ages 5 and up, so they are perfect for our family. I love the fact that it uses water not heat to seal the creations together. 


This Turbo Dryer helps Qixel creations to dry in half the time…which means they can move on to make even more creations.

6. Toddler/Preschooler specific activities.

If you have toddlers or preschoolers, be sure and check out my post 21 Activities to Engage Your Toddler. Some of these still keep Apollo occupied, but were a lifesaver when my children were younger.

Do you ever take screen time breaks? What are your favorite tech-free activities?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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