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Homeschooling at Village Books

Homeschooling at Village Books

The best part about owning a photography business may be the fact that meetings frequently take place at coffee shops. Yesterday I had a client consultation at coffee shop on top of a book store, so we took school on the road. Enoch and Kalina packed their books and computers and off to Village Books we went.  This has been our routine this school year, when I have client meetings. Obviously Enoch and Kalina are old enough to stay home alone, but school in a coffee shop is way more fun than school at the kitchen table.

Teen boy in village books

There are books to explore…

Coffee at Village Books

There is coffee to drink…

A visit to Village Books

There are plenty of fun things to look at. 

Village Books Bellingham, WA

Hey, it can’t be all work and no play!

Teen Boy in Village Books

One thing I have really loved this school year, is having Enoch and Kalina all to myself. The younger kids leave for school in the morning and I am finding myself with huge amounts of time to spend with them. Enoch is learning to drive, so he is often my chauffeur as he fulfills his driving hours. We laugh and joke and talk. I consider it a special privilege to be able to spend hours each day with my teens. 

Younger kids are different. Once they are home from school, they jump on me (literally and figuratively) and get all the mom time they need. It’s those elusive teens, who sometimes have tendency to hole up alone, who are harder to connect with. But I’ve found the secret.

“Hey, how about school at the coffee shop today?”

This is rarely, if ever, met with a no thank you.



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    WHAT….facial hair!!! Oh i know…my grandsons love to sport it…it just makes me sad…growing up is hard on grandmothers! booo hisss boooo

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