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40’s Themed Bridal Shower {Tilly}

Tilly and Judah holding snakes.

This weekend was Tilly’s bridal shower.

Read that again, slowly.

Tilly’s. Bridal. Shower.

Would someone please explain to me how it is possible for Tilly to be getting married?! We love you dearly Jared, it’s just we all still see Tilly like this.

Tilly and Judah holding snakes.

And this.

Tilly age six.

And this.

And this.


Not like this.

But back to my post. Tilly had a 40’s themed bridal shower.

I can take exactly ZERO credit for this, I was just a guest. Tilly attends a different church than us (she has since she turned 18). We love the pastor of this church and his family (they have eleven children!) They have become a second family to Tilly and I love seeing surrounded by so many people who love and care about her.

And lucky for me, her church threw her this lovely 40’s themed bridal shower.

Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.

The decorations were all 40’s themed. The walls had 40’s posters and magazine covers. Each place at the table had an interesting fact about the 40’s. And 40’s music was playing in the background.

The food was amazing!!!Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.

Every detail was perfectly planned. The people of this church are so kind and generous to Tilly.Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.

Tilly was surrounded by family and friends (from both the US and Canada). We all had a great time laughing, talking, eating and celebrating Tilly.Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.

Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.Tilly's 40's themed bridal shower.

This is my adorable niece, Elli. Like Apollo, she is the cherry on top* in her family.

Tilly’s big day is in 20 days…Jared arrives in four days…my life is about to get very, very busy as we once again face the bittersweet experience of seeing our daughter marry someone she loves and then move halfway around the world.

*cherry on top: a term for a final baby born into a family after an age gap. Yes, I made this term up…but isn’t every sundae better with a cherry on top?




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  1. Emily

    Sounds like a really special church family. The party looks delightful, and I can’t get over how aglow Tilly is. Simply radiant. Every time I see a photo of her it brings a smile to my face.

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