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Day One {Seattle Children’s Hospital}

After a bit of a scheduling snafu, Apollo was admitted at 11:30. He is enjoying himself (really). He didn’t cry when blood was taken from his finger. He’s had fun in the playroom. We’ve had a slew of doctors, nurses, residents and interns in. We’ve talked to a nutritionist. She’ll be in to watch Apollo eat at 9:00 tomorrow morning. We will hopefully see the GI team tomorrow. A swallow study is scheduled for 11:00 am wednesday morning. We’ve seen the pulmonologist we saw Friday, who set all of this up. So far everyone is listening to us. Because of Apollo’s sleep issues, we have a room of our. So much roomier than the cardiac ICU we were in last time! Apollo’s nighttime breathing has improved drastically- the consensus is, that the anti-anxiety medicine was relaxing his muscles so much, it was causing him to breath like that…scary. We are slowly weaning hi off of it, and he should be off of it entirely in two more days.



  1. Grumpy

    Very glad to hear its going well so far…I am praying that the doctors find something, and for you to have strength and courage (and rest) as you stand up for your little boy.

  2. Lou

    I listened to the sound on Facebook. Scary and strange. So lucky we have the technology we do so that you can show docs things like that that they might not see.

  3. Mary

    I’m keeping the three of you in prayer and hoping that you get some answers this time. It’s good that all of the different Drs will be comparing notes and results and will be getting a better look at the whole picture. I’m praying that Apollo will not be traumatized by the tests this time. Hang in there…

  4. Robyn

    Good news about the nighttime breathing. (Especially since it sounds like the drug wasn’t helping his sleeping for more than a night or two at a time.)

    Are YOU getting any rest? Think about trying to grab a nap when you can. It’s so much easier to cope and make good decisions when your’e well rested.

  5. Jo

    I had briefly wondered about his anxiety meds, since we are all being honest in comments… I took too much recently. Not enough to OD (I am here right) but I took one in extreme anxiety, it helped a bit. I prayed, I read my bible. I prayed that someone would wake up in my house and “need something” because that makes it better but no one did, I held the cat. I took a 2nd pill. I still wasnt sleepy about 20 min later, so I took a 3rd in my misery-not thinking clearly at all. When I did fall asleep I thought of Apollo and wondered, how do you know what his dose makes him feel like? How did a doctor figure it out, because it isnt just body weight, its also metabolism. In my case I have a super fast one for meds, I can have 5x the suggested amt of morphine (doctor gave when I had a car accident, he was hoping to slow the pain and he was monitoring) and I never fell asleep. he later said it was my metabolism. So as I lay there feeling slow, sluggish, like my breathing wasnt interested and my heart pounded softly because God told it to, I wondered about Apollo. I am so glad that you taped him, I am sure nothing bad was going to happen especially because you guys are so in tune to Apollo. Really glad they are doing all of these tests. I have wondered what was going on, been praying since you were admitted. I guess Apollo is in my prayers always now, has been for awhile-I am sure for all of your readers.

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