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Days Like These

20140420_9999 bw blogToday was a loooong day. After the usual breakfast-morning-work-off-to-school routine, I rounded my kids and Claire and headed in to town to do a little grocery shopping  and errand running.

We were barely out of the driveway when Tilly asked if we could swing by the post office and Enoch asked if we could stop by the bank. Sure. No problem.

We dropped the letter off at the post office (where Claire marveled over the drive up “letter box”) then stopped for gas. Only the station had no pumps open because they were doing maintenance. So we drove to the next closest gas station which was full, no doubt because the first station was closed. I drove around the lot twice before finding a spot I had to back into. I backed in, only to find I had pulled in so close I couldn’t open my van door (it was blocked by a concrete pillar). No worries, Enoch ran in to pay then pumped the gas. Next up was the bank. Just as were leaving Apollo started crying that his tummy hurt and he needed to poop. So, we swung into the nearest Starbucks where Enoch took Apollo to the men’s room and Claire grabbed us coffee (hey- we didn’t want to be rude and just use their bathroom!)

20140420_0003 blog copy

An hour into our trip, and I had only marked one actual errand off of my list. Next up, the resturaunt supply store. We made it through without incident and headed to a local super store to buy to boys black jeans for the wedding. Only now I had a few children bickering and had issued several warnings. One child continued to press on…so I swung by and dropped that child off at my parents’ house with instructions not to feed or entertain said child. Off to the super store without him/her. What I didn’t realize was that this particular store was undergoing renovations and completely torn apart. We looked, in vain for black jeans, and turned up empty-handed. A quick glance at my watch told me that Plan A (dropping kids off at my parents then shopping at Costco before Tilly’s orthodontist appointment) was not going to happen. So I decided to grab whatever groceries I could at the super store. And, since we were there, Kalina wanted to look at LEGO and Tucker art supplies. I sent Kalina off on her own (with instructions to wait in the LEGO area for us) while Tilly took Tucker to look at art supplies (with instructions to wait for us). We finished up buying what we could as we maneuvered the obstacle course that the store had become. Then we swung by the LEGO section, but no Kalina. I called out her name tentatively once, which turned out to be a mistake because Apollo decided to “help” by yelling KALINA over and over as loud as he could . We rounded up Tilly and Tucker and headed back to the LEGO aisle. Stilly no Kalina. We finally located her with Claire…she hadn’t heard my instructions to stay, and really, how mad can you get a child with hearing loss who doesn’t “hear” you?

20140420_0008 bw blog

So, we headed back to my parents, only just as we were leaving Tucker said, “I want to go look at something” and I send Enoch with him while the rest of us loaded up our groceries. They reappeared nearly ten minutes later, with Tucker’s purchase: Easter candy that had been on sale.

Back at my parents we had lunch, then I left to take Tilly to her orthodontist appointment and drop Claire off at Value Village. Then Enoch decided to come along and just as I was about to pull out, Kalina came running out so she could go with Claire. I dropped them off, headed to Tilly’s appointment, back to my parents’ to pick up kids, to Value Village to pick up Claire, Enoch and Kalina, then home.

To put away groceries, greet Mordecai and Avi as they got off the bus and make dinner.

Did I mention its been a long day?





  1. Suzan

    I wish you had been my mum. Nearly fifty years later mum refuses to acknowledge my hearing loss. I am now her carer and I know long days of hunting for lost parents.

    I think you do magnificently.

  2. Jodee

    Claire is BEN!’s sister.
    I hate going to that particular store with all the construction going on. I don’t go there often anyway but was starting to figure out where a few things were. Now I just about have an anxiety attack when I walk in. Good thing they put a coffee shop by the door so I can fuel up for the adventure! I’m pretty impressed that you made it to the end of the day with the correct number of people. I would have left someone somewhere for sure!

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