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Kylie Drinks Coffee (and Other Adventures)


The last few days have¬†been busy. Friends from Australia (aka Kylie and kids) visiting, trips to the ER for said friend (no emergency, but her traveler’s insurance requires her to go to the hospital rather than doctor). Avi broke her fifth metatarsal. Similar to Mordecai, but in the joint this time. She is on crutches which she loves and hates with equal passion.


We threw a ninth birthday party for Tucker (LEGO themed, of course, and pictures will be posted soon). gingerbread-house

We’ve made two trips to Walmart. One sans children, the other with so many children walking through the store was like parting the Red Sea as people saw us approach and fled. The barista at Starbucks warned me against shopping there because of how badly they treat their employees. I told her I was truly sorry about that, but I have 14 kids, and would she prefer me to shop there and pay my own bills, or go on Welfare and shop at GAP? The conversation was pleasant and ended with smiles on both ends.

I am more than happy to buy clothes at GAP (when I find them on sale) and don’t actually buy clothes at Walmart (aside from socks and undergarments), but we do buy our toiletries there. Sorry Starbucks employee…10710641_837995686251569_4085665777853207050_nI got Kylie to try a cup of coffee (Cinnamon Dulce Latte) about which she said, “It’s not bad”. Kylie won’t let me take her picture or post it online, which makes me assume she is part of some Australian Witness Protection Program. A program where coffee is forbidden and fostering adorable children strongly encouraged. In this program there is obviously plenty of time to stalk American bloggers and plan long adventures in foreign countries.

Sounds kind of fun, actually.





  1. Kristal

    I “know” Kylie from Sonlight. So cool that she is visiting you!

    I’m with her… no coffee drinking here. Stay strong girl!

    Your walmart story reminds me of my SIL and I going there years ago when we didn’t have that many children, but still many to those around us. I think we had 7 between us. People looked at us so strangely. I’m pretty sure a few of them thought we were “together” too.

  2. vivian

    i am never happy when people tell me where to shop…really I am an adult…I think I can make that decision without help.
    Coffee…I don’t want a day without it…yummy!!

  3. Tanya Redfield

    Love Apollo’s static hair! :) As for Walmart… I refuse to feel guilty for shopping there any more. I ended up doing work in a lot of Walmart stores as an independent contractor and didn’t run on to any employees who really felt they had it all that bad. Sure, they could probably be paid more but I think that goes for any retail store employee. The managers I worked with all seemed quite enthusiastic about their jobs and their prospects for future growth. And as with any job, if you really aren’t happy, go look elsewhere. While I don’t have nearly as many children as you do, I also have to make ends meet and Walmart helps me do that. So, no more guilt! Starbucks, however, could feel a twinge of guilt for the amount they charge for coffee! haha

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for your input. I don’t feel guilty for shopping there either. I also shop at our local Food Co-op and love to support local businesses.

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