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I purchased Survival Camp at a discount for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links. 

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Apollo hiking at Lake Whatcom.

If you’ve been around here for any length of time you will know our family is drawn to adventure. From digging wells in Malawi to building bridges in Zambia, digging fish-raising ponds in Brazil to 50-mile backpacking trips and canoeing the Bowron Lakes. So it won’t surprise you at all to learn that I jumped at the chance to review Survival Camp: The Ultimate All-Terrain Training Manual by Bear Grylls.

(I had never heard of Bear Grylls but Apollo rolled his eyes at me and informed me he had a tv show. Oops.)

Survival Camp: The Ultimate All-Terrain Training Manual by Bear Grylls

Survival Camp is the perfect book for adventurous kids and families.

The title does a great job of summing up this survival book. Survival Camp is 121 pages broken into six sections: Jungle&Savannah, Desert, Polar, Forest&Mountain, Oceans&Rivers, Navigation. Each section has a handful of chapters talking about dangers in the area, how to find food, shelter, what predators to look out for and more.

 Every page has illustrations or photos which keeps it interesting for kids. The book is hardcover with thick, durable pages.

Topics Covered in Survival Camp

Well, lets just say this book covers a little of everything…how to escape quicksand, finding water, map reading, knot tying, how to survive an avalanche, basic first aid, reading a compass, and more…You and your kids will find all the basics of survival and more.

  • Survival Camp by Bear Grylls tells great stories of coverage and hope.
  • One skill this survival book teaches is how to build a fish trap.
  • Survival Cap will teach you how to survive an avalanche.

Along with teaching kids and families survival skills like how to build a fish net and how to survive an avalanche, it also has fun stories…like the one about a doctor removing his own appendix…the book even explains how to replace your eyeball in the unlikely event it falls out. The page you see on the far left was definitely a favorite for me and Apollo.

This book should absolutely be at the top of the list for any family looking for adventure. 

Our Family’s Favorite Survival Books

And this post wouldn’t be complete without me sharing some of our personal f avarice books on survival, both fiction and non-fiction.

How to teach your kids to build a fire.

Back to Basics– The Canadian version of this book was one of Chuck’s favorites as a kid. He loved it so much I bought him the slightly different American version for his birthday one year. Our kids have also spend hours pouring of the pages of this book. This book covers creating a shelter, trapping animals, planting a garden, digging a root cellar, canning vegetables, and more!

Foraging With Kids: 52 Wild and Free Edibles to Enjoy with Your Kids– Some friends gave Apollo this fun book for his birthday. I love the idea of teaching kids about the wild plants around us that are edible. Seriously, what a great survival skill! It’s one I certainly still have a lot to learn about.

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs– This book can teach even the most indoorsy city-dweller to observe the natural world around them and interpret smells, signs, and stars. I read this while camping last year and really enjoyed it.

Our Favorite Fiction Survival Books

Lost in the Barrens is one of our favorite coming of age stories.

Lost in the Barrens by Farley Mowat– a classic tale of survival about two teen boys, a Cree Indian and Canadian orphan. When Awasin and Jamie’s canoe is destroyed by rapids they must somehow survive the barrens of Canada. They must find food, shelter, water, and stay safe from wild animals. This book was a favorite of Chuck’s before we married and quickly became a favorite of mine.

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George – Sam hates his home in the city so he sets out to live in the mountains alone. He finds a home in an old tree trunk, learns to survive off the food the forest offers, and eventually finds peace within himself.

Winter Camp by Kirkpatrick Hill- This is the story of Tough Boy and Sister who unexpectly find themselves alone during the winter. They must learn to work togther in order to survive. Could it be that all of those old traditions have meaning today and may even help Tough Boy and Sister through the winter alone?

For more ideas, check out my post Coming of Age Books Every Kid Should Read

Resources to Promote Survival Skills in Your Kids

And, if you are looking for fun and creative ways to get your kids outdoors how about…

Teaching your kids to make a fire is the perfect time to teach fire safety.

My unit study, How to Start a Fire, can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers. Along with teaching kids how to build a fire, it also covers fire and knife safety.

One fun way to practice building a fire with with a magnifying glass or flint and steel. flint and steel.

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review

Knot So Fast is a fun game that will have you practicing and learning new knots in no-time! I wrote a full review of in the linked post.

Exploring the world is a great way to learn about science.

Start a Nature Journal with Your Kids

Contents of a DIY first aid kit using Welly bandage containers.

How to Make Your Own First Aid Kit– This detailed post shows you how to assemble your own first aid kid. A great project for adventurous kids! It includes links to everything you need from precision tweezers and bee sting kits to bandaids and burn cream.

Girl in the woods. Pacific Northwest family adventures.

Large Family Camping Hacks- Getting our kids out in nature is one of the best things we can do for their mental and physical health. This post has everything you need to have fun camping with your kids.

Leave a link to your favorite survival books below!