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Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review

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Eagle Scout Enoch enjoys the challenge of Knot So Fast.

What Is Knot So Fast?

Knot So Fast is a single-player game (according to their description). I think is less of a game than a personal knot-tying challenge. It is an idea so simple, it makes you wonder why you didn’t come up with it yourself.

What is Included in Knot So Fast?

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast Review

Included in the box is a spiralbound book with 40 different knot challenges. The “game” is simple. You look at the picture and try to reproduce the knot. The pages of the book are sturdy which means it will be durable even with multiple kids and heavy use. The set includes an orange rope to practice the knots and a metal ring for the challenges that require it.

Who is Knot So Fast For?

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast game review.

The box says this is for ages 12 and up. I feel that is pretty accurate, unless you have a younger child who is very into knots, loves to be challenged, or is a scout. Apollo (10) picked this up, excited to use it, but was diappointed by the lack of instructions.

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast game review.

As you can see in the photo, the kit comes with a couple of pages of “how to play” and information but the knots themselves have no instructions. If you look at the photo on the left, the writing is describing the uses for that particular knot, not any instructions on how to make the knot. This means you are figuring it out entirely using your visual perception skills. Some kids will love this, others will find it frustrating.

Enoch and Tucker could not resist the lure of trying the Knot So Fast game.

Enoch (21 and an Eagle Scout) saw the box and couldn’t resist the lure of the challenge. Tucker (15) was nearby and hopped up to see what Enoch was doing. The two boys flipped through the book and tied a few knots. They compared the knots to ones they had learned in Boy Scouts. Both seemed to enjoy it.

For me, any learning activity or game that draws kids in without adult interference is a win.

The rope that came with Knot So Fast began coming apart within two weeks.

The orange rope that came with the Knot So Fast game began coming apart within two weeks of using this. This is disappointing (why not choose a different type of rope to include?) but personally not a deal-breaker for me. The game is priced at only $10.50 and new ropes are easy to come by.

My personal favorite for knot-tying activities is this rainbow paracord. It has held up perfectly for us during many different projects and is the rope I used when making our giant bubble wands.

If you have more than one child interested in knot-tying, I suggest ordering the rainbow paracord and craft rings like these. That way the kids can race each other, to add another challenge.

Conclusion: Is Brain Fitness Not So Fast Worth Buying?

Knot So Fast Game Review


A fun challenge that kids can do on their own.

Affordable (only $10.50)

Is not only fun, but teaches kids a valuble skill.

Perfect for kids involved with Scouts or other groups that utilize knot tying, or kids who are interested in survival skills.

Portable (this would be perfect for long car rides).


The knot challenges don’t have any written or visual instructions, just the pictures. Some kids will find this frustarting rather than fun.

Our rope began coming apart with very little use.

At $10.50 it is a great value. I recommend sticking to the age recommendation (12& up) unless you have a kid who is really into knot tying. This is also great for homeschool groups or scouting.

And, if you have kids interested in survival skills, be sure and check out my post 4 Surprising Reasons to Teach Your Kids to Build a Fire Today.



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