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Let’s Talk About Me

Beaufiul graffiti on the walls in downtown Bellingham.

It’s been almost a year since the Big Bad Virus hit and I still don’t feel like I have regained my equilibrium. Excuses run thin after a year, so I guess I need to buck up or come up with something new.

Apollo at waypoint part downtown Bellingham

So far we’ve had a relatively mild winter and now spring is just around the corner. I’ve said for years I am solar powered (so why do I live in a temperate rain forest?) so I am eagerly awaiting spring. The last week or so, I have seen a hint of spring splashing through my windows. I don’t know if it is the color or the angle of the shadows, but something about the light tells my brain, “hang on, just a little bit longer…spring is coming”. I awake to the sound of birds chirping which fills me with hope.

Apollo at Waypoint part in Bellingham, WA
The worst cat sitters ever.
Duma as a kitten, the day we picked him up.

Sadly, Avi’s cat Duma, who we’ve had for almost five years has disappeared. In our neck of the woods, that generally means we’ve unwittingly fed the local wildlife.

Frodo and and Athena- dog and cat snuggled together.

Frodo and Athena seem to be forming their own close relationship.

Julian- short-haired black and white kitten.

This is Apollo’s kitten, Julian (he also happens to be Duma’s son). We also call him, Juju Kitty Voodoo. If you are an Office fan, you might be able to pinpoint where that nickname came from.

Painting with acrylics on canvas.

Every once in a while, the girls get a burst of creativity and decide to do some painting.

Chuck cutting wood with chainsaw.

I love this picture of Chuck and wonder how he can look both masculine and graceful as he cuts wood….

Large family life activities.

Minifigure puzzle, Avi and myself getting coffee in matching hats, Tucker…either doing schoolwork or gaming. There is no way to tell from the photo.

Tucker smiling as he works on the computer.

Judging from his smile here, I think we can assume Tucker is doing some gaming. Tucker, a freshman at age 15, is completely independent in his homeschooling. Last year, we had an amazing rhythm, Hezekiah, Tucker, and myself, homeschooling, learning, and enjoying our days together. The Big Bag Virus put all of that to an end as suddenly, everyone was home everyday.

Thankfully, Tucker is ambitious, driven, and competitive. Most of his homeschooling is done, for free, through Khan Academy.

Apollo at Waypoint Park, Bellingham, WA

Apollo is attending school in person two days a week, zoom three days. It is crazy and hectic and wonderful, all at once. Kind of like our large family.

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.


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