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The Creative Boredom Buster for Kids: Doodle Adventures

Doodle Adventures is perfect for getting kids to draw.
Your child becomes author and illustrator with Doodle Adventures

I was provided with this copy of Doodle Adventures to review for I received no compensation for this post and my reviews are always 100% honest.

I Am Not a Cruise Ship Director

Doodle Aventures inspires kids toward creativity.

It’s not my job to entertain you.

Have you ever said that to your kids? I have. To this kid in particular. My youngest child, our cherry on top, who has no siblings his age. He gets bored on a regular basis and comes to me to entertain him. I, on the other hand, never get bored because I am busy raising a houseful of kids and running a business.

Doodle Aventures is the easy cure for bordem.

What is Doodle Adventures?

I am always looking for activities that will push my kids toward creativity and Doodle Adventures: The Search for the Slimy Space Slugs fits the bill. Half comic book half drawing book, Doodle Adventures gets kids started with fun prompts and lets them do the rest.

Your kids will join Carl (who is not only a duck but also a member of a super-secret international group of explorers) on a journey in search of a very important stolen artifact…in space.

Apollo loves using the Doodle Adventures book for drawing.

Doodle Adventures is 112 pages of a story that your child gets to co-author and illustrate. In Doodle Aventures, your child will be packing for space, designing their space gear, and saving the world. What more could you ask for? Priced at only $11.95 this book offers great value.

Doodle Adventures is half comic book half drawing book.

Apollo (age 10) grabbed this off of a stack of books I had on our counter and immediately went to work. He loves reading graphic novels and loves drawing but is constantly asking, “what should I draw?” and then summarily rejecting my ideas.

Do your kids do that?

Doodl Aventure is the perfect boredom buster.

Who is Doodle Adventures For?

This draw your own adventure book is geared toward kids in grades 2-5. Apollo is a fifth-grader and has been enjoying this. It seems to fall perfectly in the range of fun and challenging but not too baby-ish (something ten-year-old boys are very aware of).

This book is perfect for kids who feel too old for coloring books, but still benefit from having suggestions and prompts when creating art.

Doodle Aventures encourages kids to be creative.

And if this drawing is any indication, you probably don’t want to travel to space with Apollo…I know I’d certainly want more sustenance than candy and iced tea. I mean, where is the coffee?

You can head over to Timberdoodle to order your own copy and read a full description.

More Favorite Art Resources

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What are your favorite resources for banishing boredem?



  1. Melissa

    Very cute book. I love that it gives them guidance on what to draw. My 6 year old (my oldest) is always telling me she is bored, so I cant wait for her to get to try this in a few years.

  2. Tracey

    Great mom quote! I will have to remember that one. I have one like this, who thinks it’s my job (or his brother’s) to entertain him if a screen isn’t a current option. Ugh. He’s learning…it’s slow. He may actually really like this option. Thanks for the review.

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