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Giant Bubble Recipe: How to Make Giant Bubbles at Home

Giant bubbles are fun for all ages.

You show me a kid under the age of ten who isn’t enthralled by bubbles and I probably won’t believe you. Use some of this giant bubble mix to create massive bubbles and everyone (including the dog) will be enthralled!

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How to make giant bubbles at home with only three ingredients. These bubbles are huge and strong. This post also includes instructions on how to make bubble wands.

How many of you remember as kids running out of bubble mix (or, in my case, spilling it) and then trying to make it on your own? You mix some soap (any soap will do…when you’re six) and some water and….epic fail. It does. not. work.

Easy giant bubble mix recipe.

Well, I have been using this giant bubble recipe for the last few years and it is GOLD. I took it on our church campout and all the kids were mesmerized. For Apollo’s Hobbit Party we had giant bubbles mix all ready to go and a bunch of bubble wands. The kids loved i!

Boy blowing giant bubbles at dog.

As the kids left we gave them each a bubble wand, ingredients to make their own giant bubble mix, and instructions. It was an inexpensive party favor and contained exactly zero sugar and crap. It was win-win.

Giant bubble popping.
Boy making giant bubbles at the church campout.

Everything You Need to Make Giant Bubbles and Bubble Wands

You can make your own bubble wands in just a matter of minutes. Here’s how.

You can make an amazing giant bubble wand using pre-cut dowels and eye hooks.

Start With Pre-Cut Dowels

Use 3/8″ x 12″ dowels.

The first time I did this I thought I would save money by purchasing a large dowel and having my husband cut it. That worked, but take it from me, while that is totally doable if you happen to have a long dowel lying around, it was not worth the time and effort. My reccommendation is to just buy the pre-cut dowels.

Add 1- inch Eye Screw Hooks to each dowel.

These eye screw hooks are the perfect size to screw into the 3/8″ dowels with no cracking. My husband pre-drilled the holes for me and it took just a few seconds to screw the eye hook in.

Nylon Paracord

Nylon paracord is perfect for making giant bubble wands

I bought this rainbow paracord because the only thing more fun giant bubbles are giant bubbles with RAINBOW bubble wands. For each bubble want cut two pieces of paracord. Make one about 12″ and the second about 24″.

Longer paracord will make bigger bubbles, but is also more difficult for kids to manage. I suggest you make a variety of sizes.

Once each dowel has the eye hook, take your shorter paracord and tie each end to one of the dowels.

Now take the longer piece and tie one end to the eye hook.

Add a nut the paracord to weigh down one end of the paracord.

Place a bolt on the longer piece of paracord, then tie second end to eye screw hook. This helps weigh down the longer cord and makes bubble making a little bit easier.

Giant Bubble Mix Ingredients

How to make giant bubbles with this bubble mix.

Giant bubbles can be made from a mixture of guar gum, cornstarch, Dawn dishsoap, and water.

Guar Gum can be Purchased from Amazon

If you have no idea what guar gum is, you are not alone. Neither did I. As it turns out, guar gum is is made from the legumes guar beans.

Guar gum is long chain of bonded carbohydrate molecules. It is used in food processing because to absorb water, forming a gel that can thicken and bind products. This gives the giant bubbles durabilty.

Cornstarch and Dawn Dishsoap

You will also need cornstarch and Dawn dishsoap to make these giant bubbles.

Giant Bubble Recipe

How to make giant bubbles at home for pennies!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 tablespoon guar gum
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 cup Dawn dishsoap
  • 1 gallon water


  1. combine guar gum, cornstarch, and Dawn dishsoap.

  2. Use whisk to dissolve guar gum and cornstarch. Stir GENTLEY. You do not want to "whip" the dishsoap.

  3. Once guar gum and cornstarch are combined, slowly pour in 1 gallon of water.

  4. Stir gentley to mix all ingredients.

  5. Dip bubble wand into bubble mixture to create GIANT BUBBLES.

  6. Store extra bubble mix in airtight jars.

Even Your Dog Will Love These Bubbles!

Frodo the labradoodle loves trying to catch bubbles.

Tired of throwing a slobbery tennis ball for your dog? I suggest making bubbles for them instead. Frodo LOVES chasing these bubbles that magically “disappear” everytime he catches one.

Your dog will love trying to catch these giant bubbles.

Tips for Creating the Best Giant Bubbles

Be Patient for Stronger Bubbles

This bubble mixture defintiely works best if you let it sit. If you can sneak away from your kids, try making in the night before. If they want to be involved, mix up the giant bubble mixture and then enjoy a snack or book. Giving time for the substances to bind makes stronger bubbles.

Apollo loves making bubbles.

Be Gentle: Stirred Not Shaken

Stir gently, otherwise you are going to create so many surface bubbles at the top that you will have trouble making bubbles (just like when you were a kid and the bubble mixture got shaken). If you made this ahead of tip, give the bubbles a gentle swirl or mix before using.

Bubble mix can be stored in an airtight jar for a couple of weeks.

Store Giant Bubble Mix in Airtight Jars

This mix can be stored for weeks in an airtight jar. I store it in a mason jar with a lid.

Even kids can easily make giant bubbles.

Measure Ahead for Travel

When taking this camping or to a local park, I measure out the cornstarch, guar gum, and dishsoap ahead of time (I keep the dry ingrients away from the dishsoap). On arrival, I just add the dishsoap, guar gum, and cornstarch to a bucket then add water.

Okay, now go out there and HAVE FUN!!!


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  1. Carolynn M. Slocum

    It took me forever to get the guar gum from Amazon, Prime isn’t 2 day anymore! By the time the guar gum got here, I had already lost the screw eyes, so I had to go buy more. I cut my dowel, drilled the hole and was ready for bubbles. They are amazing, and the dog loves them! I just had to keep retying the paracord, any suggestions for a knot that will stay! Thanks for sharing, it was so fun.

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