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Getting Outdoors to Avoid Nature-Deficit Disorder

Frodo the labradoodle in his favorite spot.

This timely guest post about Nature-Deficit Disorder was written by Jenny Miller of Stop I rarely allow guest posts, but I think the more time we spend outside the better off we are, so I am happy to share this post today. All photos were taken and are owned by me.

How to avoide nature-deficit disorder with our kids.
Apollo and Frodo playing outside on swing.

Have you heard about nature-deficit disorder? It seems we’re spending so much time inside these days that it’s taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. However, it’s a problem with an easy fix. We’ve assembled some resources to help you avoid this troubling issue.

Frodo in Silver Lake at the church campout.

Nature-Deficit Disorder and the Impact on Your Family

Nature-Deficit Disorder in Kids

Adventure, Aging, and Nature-Deficit Disorder

Technology Overload and Nature-Deficit Disorder

Scientists Determine the Exact Amount of Time We Should Be Spending Outside

Playing frisbee at the park. PNW family life.

Why Being Outside Helps Us So Much

Come Outside: The Benefits of Fresh Air

7 Ways Sunlight Benefits Health

5 Great Health Benefits of Walking in the Woods

‘Blue Mind’: Why Being Near the Water Makes You Happy

Playing outdoors is an important part of keeping healthy.

Fun Ways to Get Everyone Outside Right at Home

Best Plants to Grow in a Family Garden

Increase Kid Activity Levels with a Backyard Playscape

Ridiculously Fun Outdoor Games for Kids!

Walk It Out: How to Use Your Neighborhood for Exercise

Getting Out and About 

Taking a fun family hike in Bellingham.

How to Plan a Hike for the Whole Family

Ponds Are Perfect for Family Fun and Educational Opportunities

The Best Tips for Camping with Kids

4 Tips When Mountain Biking with Your Child

Let your kids explore the world.

If nature-deficit disorder has crept into your household, there is good news! This is one parenting problem you can solve easily. Choose some activities everyone will enjoy, stay safe, and spend some time in the great outdoors!

My Favorites Posts on Avoiding Nature-Deficit Disorder

Camping with a large family.

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Learning without school can be freeing for you and your kids.

Learning Without School

Another PNW homeschooling adventure with friends.

Hiking With Kids

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