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LeapReader Review

{I was given a LeapReader and books in exchange for doing an honest review. All opinions are mine and my children’s. I was given no other compensation for this post}leapreader review, leapfrog review, special needs, large family

LeapFrog’s new Leapreader is so much more than a “talking book” system. Anyone remember those annoying books with buttons you would push on the side to make sound effects? Oh, I hated those things.

The LeapReader is a pen-like device that kids can used to: listen to a story, have a book read to them, have individual words read to them, learn to write. That’s right, the new LeapReader allow to write with the pen!

Learn to Write Letters with Mr. Pencil ($19.99) allows kids to learn to form their letters properly. Once the pen is on the writing page, the pen gives instructions for proper stroke order. Can I confess something? The only area Jubilee and Hezekiah were lacking in when then went to public school last year was handwriting. I had never taken the time to have them form the letters properly and it showed. The LeapReader now does that for me. The only downside to this is the handwriting pages are consumable, so you will eventually have to purchase more. The book, however, can still be used once the pages are finished.leapreader review, leapfrog review, special needs, large family

To use the LeapReader you hook it up to your computer and download stories, books and songs. I love this aspect. No clutter and no worries about losing game cartridges. The LeapReader offers over 150 books, so you don’t need to worry about running out any time soon.leapreader review, leapfrog review, special needs, large familyleapfrog review, leapreader review, leapfrog special needs, large family

In my opinion, this set is best for early readers or struggling readers. For Avi and Mordecai, this gives them the ability to read books independently and have the individual words read to them when they get stuck. I love this!

Click below to see Avi review the LeapReader!



  1. Tonymasons

    So that’s what you sound like!

    You can only get so much from blogs and photographs. Though…I suppose that sometimes a photograph can convey so much more about a person.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes. I’ve been having fun with the videos. It is definitely different than just seeing pics. How do you like our American accents? 😉

      • Tonymasons

        American accents are second nature to me. I barely even notice them. We get almost all American TV shows here in Ireland, and of course Hollywood movies, so the various accents are something we grow up with.

        Avi was not what I expected…shy and quiet.

        • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

          Only shy and quiet because I was videoing her. She is NOT that way normally. Believe me.

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