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This Is Us {An Adoptive Mom’s Perspective}

This is Us: An Adoptive Mom's Perspective

 This is Us: An Adoptive Mom's Perspective

Yesterday found me in a very odd situation. Enoch and Kalina headed to their homeschool math class and Chuck took the six younger kids up to Mt. Baker to play in the snow.

I was home. Alone.

So I did what any awesome mom would do…I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry and then settled in to watch something (anything) as I sorted LEGO. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Really, Renee? You are home alone and you choose to sort LEGO?” Yes, I did. I find it relaxing and cathartic especially if I am listening to a good audiobook, podcast or watching a movie.

Yesterday, I chose to watch the first episode of This Is Us.

Okay, friends, we all know I am not a crier. Crying is a sign of weakness and we can’t have any of that.  We need to buck up and take what life sends our way. No whining, no excuses. We don’t negotiate with terrorists and we never show fear. This is Parenting 101, am I right? 

I cried (for real) during the closing scene.

{shhh..don’t tell my kids}

So much I could relate to. Adoption, race, tragedy, joy. Breastfeeding an adopted baby. How life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect or plan. How sometimes one person’s tragedy can turn out to be a gift to others. How at times we fail the people we love and then fail them again. Forgiveness, fear, hope, loss.

This show has it all.

A little warning…I didn’t think I would make it through the first episode due to women in bikinis and a man in nothing but a tiny towel. It didn’t get as bad as I feared, so I kept watching (then watched the next episode as well). It is not something I would watch with my kids…but I do plan to watch as much as I can before my free HULU trial runs out. 

Chuck, how about taking those kids back up the mountain?

Have you seen this? Did you cry? 



  1. Melissa

    I’ve watched and I really enjoy the show. I too am an adoptive mom and I think this show has done a great job…so far. I do not watch it with my kids either. Just so you know…you can watch current episodes for free on the NBC website!

  2. Delia

    Pete and I just caught up and watched the latest episode live last night. I didn’t cry but I did get chills from head to toe and we both laughed out loud frequently. It resonates for me from the perspective of having adopted multiracial siblings. Love Tony’s sense of humor!

    • Renee

      Well, I only cried in the closing scene of the first episode…but am loving it so far. I am sure there is a lot you could relate to as well.

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