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Two Months of Juicing and Running












It has been just over two months since Chuck and I have been juicing and running. Chuck has gone from zero exercise to running 3 miles a day, and once or twice a week running 6, 8 or 9 miles. He has lost over 30 pounds, given up Red Bull and quit snoring. I am so proud of him. He continues to make healthy food choices and has replaced his M&M’s with raw nuts and all natural guacamole. He is much less irritable (even if he doesn’t notice, I do).

And me? I’m down 10 pounds, can now run a mile (even if I hate every step) and feel a bit better. I am juicing regularly and focusing on eating a clean diet of natural foods. I am currently drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and sipping on water and herbal tea the rest of the day. I am still dairy free (because of Apollo). I am looking forward to the day when I get a full night’s sleep, and assuming I will feel marvelous when that happens.

All of this has filtered over to even more healthy food for the kids and more running and exercise for them. I am planning to buy a bike this spring so I can switch up my exercise routine a bit.

If you haven’t seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, watch it already! It was the springboard for Chuck’s healthy lifestyle changes.

And now, for our weekly meal plans:


Breakfast: peanut butter toast and oranges  Lunch: leftover spaghetti Dinner: potato soup


Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruit Lunch: stirfry and rice Dinner: ham, salad, potatoes


Breakfast: eggs and tortillas Lunch: sandwiches and fruit  Dinner: split pea soup


Breakfast: blueberry muffins  Lunch: homemade mac and cheese  Dinner Chalupa


Breakfast: oatmeal and fruit  Lunch: leftover chalupa  Dinner: red beans and rice



  1. liz

    Chuck looks fantastic. what a cute pic of him and Apollo. Congrats on losing 10 lbs! Are you looking to lose more? What do you put in the juice? Is this in addition to the meals? How many juice drinks do you drink in a day?

  2. Maddi

    I too want to know what you recommend for juicers. Both my parents are obese and I think I can get them to give this a go. Any advice?

  3. Anna

    My husband and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last night. But before we watched it, I showed him the pictures of Chuck. I was afraid he was going to think it was a stupid movie, but he wants me to head out the grocery store to stock up on kale! I’m thinking he thinks that if another man who has twice as many kids as he has can quit Red Bull and candy, he can too!

  4. Heather

    Started eat watching it the other day and after my husband having major heartburn last night which flares up his asthma I am convinced w need to incorporate juicing into our routine. Would love to hear more!

  5. Melissa Vanni

    Good for the both of you!!! Keep it up and you’ll be around to kiss and hug your great-great-grand-babies!! Love the new blog.:)

  6. Running On Juice

    This is fantastic to read.

    I am a guy who started juicing and running, I went on to lose 70 pounds and about to run my third half marathon this Sunday.

    For those who are still not sure – check out the before and after photos on my site.

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