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5 Things to Make You Laugh Today

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1. Recently Chuck came home from Boy Scouts saying another Scout leader (who happens to be a doctor) needed help at his office the upcoming week. Was Enoch available?

I stared at Chuck for a moment confused.

He repeated himself.

I stared.

Finally I verbalized my confusion…”Umm…Dr. M  is an OB-GYN…exactly why does he need Enoch’s help at the office?

It turns out Dr. M just needed help moving things in his office. I was quite relieved.

large family, large family blog, adoption blog, humor, bellingham photographer

2. Hezekiah is growing a goatee.

3. While driving in the van a little too long the other day, Apollo started whining and saying “My feet are sore from driving for too long!”

4. For HILARIOUS conversations with toddlers click over Covos with My 2 Year Old. It is guaranteed to make you laugh.

5. Take a moment to read this recipe for ice. Then take an hour to read the comments. I promise you will be laughing and wanting to share.

Have a great Saturday!



  1. Elizabeth

    Haha, I like the goatee. I really like the padawan braids of Hezekiah’s and Tucker’s. I have a practical question, however. (I can envision doing this for family members one day) Do you take the braid out to wash hair? Can you keep it clean in the braided form? I kinda would hate to redo the micro braid over and over for washing. 🙂

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Elizabeth- we do both. Sometimes I take it out and sometimes I leave it in while they shower. Redoing Hezekiah’s is a pain because it is so looooooong and so tiny. I made Tucker’s *much* thicker 🙂

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