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Apollo on the Move

IMG_0056_7517 blog

Apollo, 3 months

Oh my, I just love those little lips…don’t you wish you knew what he was thinking? His expressions crack me up. The other children love what he does with his eyebrows. He will raise one at a time, or furrow his little brow in concern. Many, many blog readers (who have never even met our family) have commented on how much Apollo reminds them of Hezekiah with his serious, old soul face. 

This little man is on the move. He can roll over both ways, and  rotate his body all the way around when you lay him on the floor. He is gnawing on anything and everything like a madman. In fact he has a new trick: when he’s finished eating he lets me know by biting me…

With the advent of his new mobility I sat the other children down and explained that he could roll now and it wasn’t safe to lay him on the couch even for a minute…because he could roll off and get hurt.

IMG_9803_7262 blog

Later that day, Jubilee (7) came up to me, her big brown eyes full of worry and her arms full of Apollo:

Mom, Apollo was laying on the floor!

Me: Okay…was he crying?

Jubilee: No, but mom, you said not to lay him down even for a minute!

Poor Jubilee apparently took my meaning a little too literally and thought we couldn’t ever lay him down anywhere, even for a minute. I can’t even imagine how stressful that would be for the next year or so.

In other news, you may want to go back and read the comments on my post Not *Quite* What I Was Thinking…it seems we’re not the only family with Not-Me issues. In fact I think Laurel has a story to top any of mine. And Ann’s cracked me up as well!



  1. Elena

    Oh Jubilee. What a good big sister! I tell my 10y/o not to let the baby down (who’s an avid crawler now and has an affinity for the dogs), and 5 minutes later I come back to find the baby taunting the dog with a toy, no “babysitter” in sight because she got a phone call. Too literal is at least better than not literal enough!

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