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Apollo XIV {Nine Months}

Apollo and Chuck on excavator_3215

Daddy gives Apollo his very first excavator ride! He’s fascinated by the moving bucket…and Chuck looks pretty pleased with himself!

Apollo and Chuck on excavator_3215
Poor Apollo looks absolutely world-weary…mom, do I have to operate this excavator again???

Apollo and Chuck on excavator 6761

Two of my handsome men…

Apollo and Chuck on excavator_3215

Apollo is now weighing in at 16 pounds 8 ounces. That’s a weight gain of one pound, three ounces…Exactly what he gained last month! No more worries about his weight. As long as he’s putting some on and growing, we’re happy.

Apollo and Chuck on excavator_3215

This month he has completely switched over from commando crawling to crawling on his hands and knees. He has begun babbling, saying “baba” and “mama mama mama”. He has grown two new teeth, to put the total at four.

Apollo and Iris

My first and last born…

Apollo has discovered the great outdoors and hates to be inside (especially if his siblings are outside). If you walk by the front door with him he will whine and try to lunge toward it…when he gets really fussy one of his brothers or sisters will often take him outside for five or ten minutes (it’s still pretty chilly here). He’s going to make a great Boy Scout in a few years…

Apollo loves being outside 3179

Watching me through the window…

And speaking of discoveries…he loves to explore the house. He’s already been splashing in the toilet, crawled all the way up the stairs to our landing (before he was discovered!) and has been known to crawl down the hallway to the girls’ room and bang on the bathroom door after hearing Keziah laugh!



  1. sarah

    I’m glad Apollo is gaining weight. I love his little hats. He’s very cute, it’s so fun to see him because in some pictures you can see the relation to different siblings. 🙂
    A while back you mentioned Boyscout day. I was wondering how you handle Cub Scouts? Do you take all of the boys to all of their Den Meetings? I only have 2 in Cub Scouts, but I already feel weary from being gone 2-3 nights a week. Plus weekend activities!

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