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I Hate to Burst Your Birthday Bubble…

Birthdays in a large family...I hate to burst your birthday bubble.

Yesterday was Avi’s birthday.

Her party was just as chaotic and disastrous as you’ve probably come to expect from our family.

She really, really wanted to go ice skating for her birthday. In fact, she suggested we rent a local sports center for her party. Understandable since our church rented out the whole thing a few months ago and we had complete access to: skating rink, indoor soccer field, bouncy house and more. She was a bit disappointed when I explained renting the entire center for all our friends and family was a bit *ahem* beyond our birthday budget. I offered to let her invite a few friends to go skating with her, and then head back to the house for cake and presents. The plan was to leave the other kids at home.

Birthday fun at Trampoline Zone

She happily agreed to this. 

Then my day spun slowly out of control. Tilly was babysitting. Judah was out of the house. Enoch was working…and I when Kalina got a call for a last-minute babysitting job I said, Sure! Only afterward did I realize that would leave: all the other kids home alone.

Together. With no adult (or older teen) supervision.


Birthday fun at Trampoline Zone

Avi, who struggles with anxiety, was not okay with a last-minute change of plans (bringing all of her siblings along).  She wasn’t being selfish; she just doesn’t deal with change well. This was a special day we planned for her, and things were going south. She was upset but finally told me Tucker could come along…but no one else.

I did some quick kid juggling and managed to leave the house with just Avi and Tucker.


We arrived at the rink early (cause I’m awesome like that)…only to find out it was closed for maintenance. This was particularly frustrating to me as I had check the site just a couple of hours earlier and there was no mention of closure. 

More change…it was not looking good.

I racked my brain for other exciting ideas…all I could think of was an indoor trampoline park.


Birthday fun at Trampoline Zone

But first we had to wait for the other birthday party guests to arrive. And then get permission from their parents for the change in plans. Then have them drive to the trampoline park to sign waivers so their kids could jump,

And it cost triple what the trip to the skating rink was going to cost. But hey, it was her birthday and totally worth it. Besides, a trip to the trampoline park was still cheaper than renting the entire sports center. 

Oh, and did I mention everyone was dressed warmly, since the anticipated skating on ice…not jumping on trampolines for an hour?

Ah, well, you win some and lose some, right?

And I don’t want to brag or anything, but  just let me say that despite me having given birth nine times, my 40-year-old bladder held up just fine.

Thanks for asking.

You win some and you lose some..and I’m calling this one a win.



  1. Toddler Wrangler

    yay for flexibility and quick thinking!

    Btw, when i reached the part about the bladder, the baby squinted up at me, annoyed that her lunch was now *bouncing*…

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