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Baby T-Shirt Vest: Take Two

IMG_7127_3442 blog

This could be titled: how not to take a portrait of your baby…sit him in front of a hideously bright colored exersaucer…You will get the elusive: lopsided tooth photo you've been trying to capture for weeks…right in front of  a terrible background :(  Oh well, at least I did capture his mismatched tooth-growing…

Apollo's latest knit creation is hot off the needles! This pattern is called Baby T-Shirt Vest and I found it on the Sam Lamb blog. This is the very same vest I knit for Apollo here. I obviously decided to add a little flair with two colors on this one….and I love, love, love it! 

IMG_7126_3441 blog

Terrible, cluttered photos, but you can see the cute trim and little buttons. I love how this keeps him toasty warm in our often chilly house.

IMG_7131_3444 blog

This is knit in unbelievably soft alpaca yarn, purchased at our local yarn shop: Apple Yarns. You will just have to imagine the cute matching hat is, since he was not posing for photos yesterday! I hope to take him outside (his new favorite place) for some proper pictures soon.



  1. Christy Marmon

    This doesn’t apply to your post but, it looks like Texas will be cutting $20 million from the school budget locally. We have almost finalized the adoption of our 4 foster children, ages 3,almost 6, 7,almost 9. The older 3 are currently in K,1,2 grades. They are so far behind, first grader is severely hyper(ADHD) and I know the K has some learning disabilities but am not sure what they are yet. Where would you start? I am thinking of going all the way back to the beginning with all 3 and moving on at a pace they can handle. I would so appreciate an help you can offer.

  2. Kara

    I finally got one of these made for Owen too, since I loved Apollo’s first one so much. I actually used a combo of the baby and toddler patterns since Owen needs the toddler size, but I didn’t like the ribbing. I love the two toned version though!

  3. Jo

    Do you knit with a circular needle when you can? I am learning that I like it better than 2 longer single points. Today I got my hiya longer cables in, 62″ + the 4″ needles on each end, can make quite a wide blanket! The sweater is adorable, the two tone is nice.

  4. Renee

    I ONLY knit with circular needles. Anything that can be knit on straight needles can be knit on circular. They are smaller, more portable, and in my opinion, more comfortable.

  5. Renee

    TonyM… I thought long and hard about Photoshopping the background
    but decided to leave it. If I tried to fix every shot Id drive myself batty!
    Sent from my iPhone

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