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Apollo XIV is Growing Up

IMG_7287_3591 blog

Look at those little teeth! He was so happy to be outside yesterday he was laughing and giggling at absolutely nothing. This picture was a complete fluke. I turned my camera toward him and he started laughing…and for Mr. Serious, this was quite something. I love that you can see how much bigger the teeth on the right are (the first two to come in). 

Apollo is now saying "Mama" rather constantly…and has word number two: HOT! Because we heat with wood stoves, teaching a baby what "hot" means is top priority over here. If he sees a fire in the wood stove he puts out his hand and says "haaaa". A few times he's actually said the entire word "hot".

IMG_7098_3394 blog

Apollo's hair is beginning to curl, just like Tucker's did as a baby. The females in this house are pretty happy too see that. I pulled out my external hard drive to find a photo of Tucker at nine months and was shocked to see how much Apollo doesn't look like Tucker: 


But the curls are evident on Tucker at nine months. I was so sure these would disappear forever with his first haircut…but his long hair at ages 2-3 show I was wrong. 

Ah, sweet babies, why do you always insist on growing up?




  1. Jo

    Does Apollo look like Jubilee? The serious face on this post looks like her to me, when she was in the garage for a photography post photo. It was with an old fashioned desk and was black and white, he has the same soulful eyes.

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