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What’s Up, Apollo?

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Sweet, sweet Apollo is now nine months old. And what a nine months it's been! First his prolapsed cord that ended in an ambulance ride and emergency c-section…then his frenulectomy at two and a half weeks old…his utter lack of sleeping as a newborn (he'd be awake for four, five, six or more hours, only to nap for five minutes). He's never been satisfied after nursing- despite an abundance of milk. Nursing is still difficult. He pops on and off the breast constantly…Feeding him solids is no easier…every meal ends (and often begins) in tears. He stopped gaining weight- no change from four to seven months old. Finally he's gaining again, but oh so slowly

I just took him in for a well-baby check to talk the doctor about his breathing. We haven't taken one of our birth children in for a well-baby visit since Judah (13) was four months old! We have very specific reasons for that, but it would be a blog post in and of itself (we did take Mordecai and Avi because of their special needs).

For those of you who haven't met Apollo, he breathes very, very loudly. He fluctuates between sounding like Darth Vader, like he has a horrible wet cold, or like he has croup. He sound like this every day, even when none of the three happen to be the case. The doctor said on Monday he is convinced that his breathing is directly related to his weight gain and feeding issues. He believes he has some type of obstruction in his throat/neck and if we can solve that he will begin nursing/feeding/sleeping better. What that "obstruction" is, is anyone's guess…but it's a start.

And so I took him in for an x-ray of the soft tissue in his neck yesterday…and now we wait…


  1. Renee

    Faith- no he hasnt been tested. The doctor did mention it at his six month visit (when we discussed his weight gain issues) but he considered it highly unlikely…now it seems we are in the mode of finding the problem, so well see what comes of the x-rays…

  2. Rachel

    I feel your pain!
    My second son had sleep apnea from birth (poor kid had to sleep on his tummy just so he could breath which is normal for apnea babies). It caused all sorts of feeding/growing/sleeping issues and the Darth Vader breathing, his snoring rivals that of a grown man! As it turned out it was his adenoids and tonsils that were obstructing his breathing. He had the adenoids out at 2 and a half. He turns 4 tomorrow which is his doctor’s minimum age for taking out the tonsils out so that is finally happening this summer.
    I hope whatever happens with Apollo that is resolved soon 🙂

  3. Michelle

    My son was born with laryngomalacia, subglottic stenosis and very severe reflux, among several other congenital issues. Some of his symptoms sound really similar to Apollo’s.
    My Coley had several surgeries to correct the congenital malformations and, at 4, he’s still on reflux meds. We tried chiropractic care and natural treatments, but had to go to meds for him. He’s doing really, really well and is now in the 50th percentile for both height and weight.
    I’m sure that they will be able to figure out what’s going on with Apollo quickly and he’ll be eating and drinking like a champ. Good luck!

  4. Ingrid

    I am praying for knowledge and wisdom for everyone involved in his care — and patience as well — and comfort for him. It must feel miserable not to be able to sleep or eat well!

  5. stephanie sellers mazzon

    I am no doctor. I think he may have unusually large adenoids causing the heaving breathing and coming off the breast to breath and swallow. I just know the doctors will figure this out. He is such an adorable baby and I will add him to my ever growing prayer list. Keep us posted please! ( now I will worry).
    Stephanie Sellers Mazzon

  6. Laura Gould

    Both of our boys (adopted @ birth ..from 2 different states) had the same thing. Both were tongue tied, both had VERY heavy breathing, both could not gain weight…one was under 7 lbs for more than 3 months.. and both had all the same surgeries and now BOTH are FINE! (the odds of all of this just blow mind!) Anyway..both boys had their tongue clip.. one put to sleep for it at 6 months old..and then what helped the most was taking their adenoids and tonsils and tubes in their ears! All three surgeries for each boy. And one of our sons ended up, 6 months after the 1st surgery, having to have his adenoids removed again b/c nodules had grown back. Although our 13 month old was in the hospital for 7 days and the 2 1/2 year old for 3 days (at different times)it was worth it! No more mouth breathing and sleep apnea at night and AND the little one has gone form 19 lbs in Jan to 29 lbs in April!!! Now, I worry how we are ever going to feed them!! 🙂 Feel free to email me with any questions.

  7. Fisherman Frog

    my second son born in 2007 had a sqeaky noise when born and for months all the nurses and drs thought he was making a cute mouse noise, but I knew something was wrong bc he would take 3 hours to finish a bottle and cry all the time, I finally found a dr that belived me and he had tracheal malaysia or lara malysia meaning extra tissue in his throat so the ears nose and throat dr went in with a laser and cut it out and with a couple months of reflux meds he was a brand new baby now he only makes a little bit of noise when he gets a cold but they say to go back in could cause more scar tissue that would just cause more of a blockage, I willl be praying for you all that its a simple fix and he gets better soon,God Bless, Norma

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