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Banana Slugs and Super Heroes: We have it all

Spring is here and with it has come  warm weather, sunshine and even a camping trip or two. Well, let me clarify: Chuck has taken the older kids camping. As much as I enjoyed camping when I was single and 18 I enjoy camping, I do not enjoy camping in March and April when it is still cold and damp. kids-playing-outdoors-9041

Thankfully, my kids are true Pacific Northwestern-ers and don’t mind rain, moss, or even banana slugs. Okay, they do mind banana slugs; those things grow big enough here to be positively grotesque. Like the stuff of nightmares. When Mordecai and Jubilee were two, they were terrified of them. They would cry anytime they saw them (which was more or less anytime they were in the yard after the rain) and run away. I remember asking Jubilee why she was crying and she said, “The slugs are chasing me“.

Okay kids-playing-outdoors-9043

Yesterday was an interesting day in which four kids stayed home sick. I learned something this week…if you have content that suddenly goes viral, it is helpful to have kids home sick to  help occupy Apollo. It’s not even that they “helped” with Apollo. It’s just that the has developed a sudden fear of our quiet house, so clings to me all the live long day when it’s just two of us. So just having the kids home meant I could spend the bulk of my day responding to media requests and doing phone and Skype interviews.

Boy building a fort in the woods

I case you haven’t seen it, because this is the only site you ever visit online, The Superhero Project seems to have gone viral and is everywhere. I am happy to see this since the whole point of the project was to help these kids (and others) to see the strength and beauty in these special children. I truly feel that goal has been met, and that feels good. 

Here are a few of my favorite (and actually well-researched and accurate) articles:

Lisa Flam from was wonderful to work with and her reporting is quality work: The Superhero Project Features Kids with Special Needs.

Global News Canada did a Skype interview with me and put together a beautiful video features the photos as well as photos of Apollo in the hospital. The Superhero Project: Inspirational Photographs of Kids with Special Needs.

The DailyMail did a wonderful article as well. They took the time to actually email me questions and wait for my responses. I was very happy with their work.

The Huffington Post’s feature about The Superhero Project has had over 56,000 likes!

The project has also been featured on: BuzzFeed, The Stir and literally dozens of other sites around the web.

It has been viewed over 30,000 times on the Bored Panda in less than 24 hours. 

Websites in  Finland, Germany and Poland have picked it up. 

Its been a totally crazy few days.



  1. bettanygirl

    Oh my goodness! I feel like I “know” a celebrity now 🙂 even though I don’t know you at all but have just been an avid reader for YEARS! Wow so exciting to see all the press – I saw the Daily Mail article & was like “wait that’s Mordecai!!” Then had to read it all & come here and see what was happening – well done to you and a fabulous project that deserves the exposure!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Well, no matter where I am in Washington they will be within a million miles of me.

  2. Margery

    My great niece got her cape a few months ago before her second surgery, it was your blog that made aware of the program. And I was able to share with her mom. Our little super hero is Leigh and she has had 2 open heart surgery’s so far in her 1st year and will have many more as she grows.

  3. modeejae

    The Today Show article is still my favorite. <3 I'll have to check out the Global News one.

    Banana slugs completely gross me out as an adult! Before we moved here we were visiting my aunt in Oak Harbor when I was 6 or 7. She handed me an old half-gallon milk carton with salt water in it and sent me out to her garden to collect banana slugs. With my bare hands. o.O I think she paid me like .05 a piece for them so I was very motivated to find as many as I could. We later found out the hard way that soft water and slug slime aren't a good combination.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, well they’re so big here, they’re obscene. In Alaska where I grew up, they were the size of caterpillars. It wasn’t until I moved to British Columbia that I saw the huge ones…

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, its been keeping me busy. I keep thinking I nee dot quit my job just to keep up! LOL

  4. Jennifer

    That’s so cool. Congratulations. My son who just turned 4 has also recently started this phase of fear of being unaccompanied in any part of the house. It didnt bother him before so I hear you! Apparently it’s normal for this age.

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