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A Date with Avi {Boomer’s Drive In}

connecting with kids

Yesterday was the last day of school for the year! Avi has made an amazing amount of progress over this school year. Despite being adopted at the age of three days old and using attachment parenting methods in her infancy and toddlerhood, Avi struggles hard with healthy attachment and healthy relationships. As a result, the end of the school year is difficult for her. “Losing” the teachers she has spent a whole year learning to trust…it’s  hard. “Losing” her siblings who leave home, get married, and head off to university? Another struggle for her. 

Yesterday she did something very challenging for her…and I told her if she was successful, I would take her to Boomer’s Drive-In afterward. She did an awesome job (while she had anxiety about the situation, I knew she was up for the challenge and just needed a bit of motivation). So off to Boomer’s we went!

girl eating french fries

Avi thoroughly enjoyed her hot waffle fries and strawberry milkshake. We sat in the van and listened to Jonathan Park stories and chatted. People often wonder about how to connect with kids, especially in a large family. It’s really pretty simple, we make sure we get time alone with each of the kids. It isn’t structured or scheduled, but we have enough appointments, errands and grown-up business that gives us ample time to spend time individually with our children. And yesterday was Avi’s turn.

old fashioned drive in

Boomer’s is an old-fashioned drive in, where the waitresses come out to your car and take your order. And the burgers and fries? Amazing! Seriously, if you’re local and haven’t tried this place, you really, really need to!

connecting with kids over hamburger and french fries

Summer is here and we plan to soak up every last bit on sunshine and joy. And maybe a few hamburgers and strawberry milkshakes as well. 

Do you have any big plans for the summer?


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