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Camping and Horseback Riding in New Zealand

IMG_1999 blog

You see this? This is the view from where BEN!’s “office”. For real.

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One of our many adventures in New Zealand included camping on the property of BEN!’s boss. And by “we” I really mean BEN!, Iris, Matt, Marie, Sam and Pauline. I had every intention of sleeping under the stars in what surely must be one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. I really did. But jetlag was still getting the best of me. I was so stinkin’ tired, I copped out and slept at BEN!’s place with his sister, Claire (who had to head there to get the engagement ring for the next day’s proposal).IMG_2003 blog

Claire…easily as crazy and adventurous as her brothers. And single.IMG_2019 blogIMG_2021 blogIMG_2023 blog IMG_2024 blog

Iris was pretty much in heaven between…between BEN! and horses…a beautiful location and the sun shining. A pan is full of sausages cooking. What more could a girl ask for?

And please excuse the jean shorts in the background. Apparently, they grow wild in New Zealand.IMG_2001 blogIMG_1977 blog

I took this photo as the sun went down. The sky is 100% natural. All I did in Photoshop was remove the moon (it was right by Iris’s face) and two pieces of dust that were on my sensor. They had no idea I was taking their picture. I think it is one of my favorite images ever.



  1. Emily Adam

    WOW! Just wow! Adalia is one lucky duck – she will have the most fantastic time living in New Zealand I am sure 🙂 New Zealand is next on my list of must go countries – my Aunt and family are based in Australia – so I see it as the perfect excuse to ‘pop’ over and explore!

    Renee – I also think this is one of my favourite images of your’s – along with Apollo’s super hero shots! Maybe a print would be a perfect wedding gift?

    Adalia – Massive congratulations to you and BEN! what great news (been catching up in a revision break!) I have been reading your Mum’s blog for a long long time – and I must admit I nearly cried (in public) when I saw the engagement post! What a wonderful testament you guys have – I am a couple of years your senior (21), but definitely look to you guys as amazing role models in a relationship!
    Quick question – I know your mum mentioned you may look into midwifery still when you are settled. Have you looked any more into it – will you be able to use your doula training. I know over here in the UK midwifery is much more popular – birth’s even in hospitals are midwife led, am I right in thinking the same is true in New Zealand?

    Emily (The British One!)

  2. Crystal in Lynden

    My mind plays tricks on me every time I see the green hills, rocks and blue sky. My mind says “it looks so far away and close, all at the same time.”
    How did you take the photos of the hillsides?

  3. Elizabeth

    I have no adequate words for the beauty. I am happy for Adalia. (and you getting the opportunity to visit!) I was doing OK with the jealousy thing, but then the countryside combined with horses?! I’ll get over it… maybe 🙂

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