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Candy Sushi Tutorial {Big Hero 6}

How to make candy sushi

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How to make candy sushi

Candy sushi is guaranteed to be a win with your kids.

If you follow me on Instagram you might remember around Thanksgiving when Apollo won free movie tickets in a coloring contest at our local bank. We let him pick the movie (and the parent)  and he chose to go see Big Hero 6 with his daddy. He was so excited and felt so grown up since he was the only kid going. He came home eager to share all about it with his siblings, so the excitement for a Big Hero 6 movie night has been building in our house. The DVD will be released tomorrow (which is a good thing since I am tired of telling an excited four-year-old that the DVD release is “coming soon”).

How to make candy sushi

You know I love a themed movie night, so as soon as I saw the movie took place in the fictional city of  San Fransokyo I knew we would be making candy sushi. We made these for Japanese class back in 2009, but thankfully we have improved our technique since then! These are so easy to make and look beautiful when they are finished.

Enoch, Apollo and I made a quick trip to Walmart last week to gather our supplies, then headed home to assemble the candy sushi. The whole process took under an hour and we had so much fun trying to outdo each other with our sushi creations!

How to make candy sushi:

How to make candy sushi

1. Gather your supplies for the rice base

3 tablespoons of butter

6 cups of crisp rice cereal

5 1/2 cups of marshmallows

How to make candy sushi

2. Melt butter and marshmallows on medium heat. When completely melted mix in crisp rice cereal.

3. Let the butter, marshmallow and cereal mixture cool slightly. If you try to form the base of the sushi too soon, it will fall apart. Waiting just a few minutes until it hardens makes your task much easier.

How to make candy sushi

4. Once the mixture is cool, but not cold, form into sushi shapes. Have fun with this part! We made both round shapes and oval shapes. Here is another little secret, spray your hands with cooking spray and you won’t have marshmallow covered palms. It will make your job much easier.

How to make candy sushi

5. Unwrap fruit roll. It helps to have this all ready to go.How to make candy sushi

6. Wrap each piece of sushi in a fruit roll. If it won’t stick well, add a bit of water to seal the edge. If the crispy rice mixture is still warm (but not hot) it should conform nicely. The fruit roll will meld into the crisp rice mixture and hold together nicely.

How to make candy sushi

7. Decorate with gummy candies. This is where the real fun comes in! Get creative and let yourself go on this one. We left some whole and chopped others to give us a great variety in sushi.

How to make candy sushi

We found cutting the fruit rolls with a knife to be simple and it enabled us to make detailed pieces of sushi.How to make candy sushi

Even Apollo was able to assemble the sushi once we shaped the crisp rice mixture  for him.

How to make candy sushi

Now that you are all geared up to host a Big Hero 6 movie night yourself you can head over to tomorrow and purchase the Blu-Ray or DVD!

Have you seen the movie? Do you plan to buy it and have a movie night? I’d love to hear about your plans.




  1. raymondsquad14

    We saw it when it came out in the theaters but plan to see it again this friday as it is the movie night at my son’s school.

  2. Jenna Wood

    We made krispie sushi for an unbirthday party last Summer and it was easily one of the kids’ favorite projects. I just love your creativity with the slices of fruit roll for ‘fish’ and ‘roe’ too cute! #client

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