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Teaching Preschoolers about Geometry

Now that the kids are in school and I am no longer so busy teaching the older ones, I have been having fun putting together learning activities for Apollo. Here is an old favorite that I have recently pulled out and set up for him.

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Great ideas for teaching preschoolers about geometry.

Teaching Preschoolers About Geometry

Teach you preschoolers about geometry? Isn’t three or four a little bit young for these lessons? No way! My (former) littles have loved our geometry lessons and I am now teaching Apollo.

The word geometry comes from the Greek words geo (earth) and metria (to measure). So Geometry literally means to measure the earth. We love learning  Greek and Latin roots in our house. No formal curriculum or books, but we do love the Rummy Roots cards. We pick a word or two and just learn them as we go along.

Tucker goeboard 2 blog

Tucker (3) having fun with the Geoboard.

Judah geoboard 2 blog

The set up for this Geo Board activity is simple. You need:

1. A tray to contain everything (I like to use colorful food trays)

2. A container filled-with rubber bands. I prefer the colorful ones, but any rubber bands will work.

3. Geoboards

If you like you can also purchase activity books to inspire creativity. I never found these necessary, but some families might prefer them.

I have recently pulled this activity out for Apollo for the first time and he loves it (though I haven’t managed to get any pictures of him with it yet).

Judah, geoboard blog

For older kids you can make challenge cards:

One day years ago, on a sudden inspiration, I made up these little “challenge” cards to go with our geoboards. We had never discussed different types of triangles before, so on each side is a question (i.e. can you make an isosceles triangle?) and the other side defines the triangle and has an illustration. What a fun painless way to introduce this concept!


The site Math Salamanders has some great 3 dimensional printables. My kids loved making these, they almost viewed it as magic when they made a geometrical shape with just paper, scissors and glue! I printed out a handful, and placed them in a tray with glue and scissors. The children love seeing how they can turn a flat shape into a three-dimensional shape. It also gives them a concrete way to see just exactly how many sides are on any given shape.

Other great resources for teaching preschoolers about geometry:

These Metal insets have been used in  Montessori schools for years. They are great for improving fine motor skills and a great precursor to writing. You can also purchase the less expensive plastic ones if you prefer. My kids have all learned their shapes this way.


Geometric solids are a great way to teach kids how the flat shape relates to the geometric shape. This concept can be a bit tricky for preschoolers so having . Not only that, but they love being able to pick up and hold the actual shapes in their hands.


Pattern Blocks are a fun way to teach about Geometry. My children have been using them for years. For the older kids we have moved beyond shapes to fractals and tessellation. This is hands-on math your kids will love!

Shape puzzles are an obvious perfect choice when it comes to teaching toddlers! And shape sticker books. Every preschooler loves stickers!

I hope these ideas encourage you. Preschoolers are little sponges when it comes to learning and these ideas make it fun and exciting for you and your child.

For more ideas check out:

Montessori Monday’s Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids and Extensions.

Montessori Moms has a great assortment of free printables!

Living Montessori Now has tons of ideas for setting up activities trays for preschoolers.

Daily Montessori has a plethora of ideas about making Montessori part of your daily life.



  1. lapadee

    I love this post! I do miss your homeschooling posts, they have inspired a lot of purchases and activities for me! Thanks for sharing. Do you know, if I click on one of your links but don’t buy right away and put it on a wish list and later purchase – do you get the Affiliate credit? If not, I’ll try and remember to go back and click thru before purchasing but chances are, I won’t remember where all the things on my wish list came from. I sure prefer to give people some credit when possible. Blessings, Laura

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks! I hope to do more homeschooling posts now that my kids are in school. Apollo is at the perfect age for many of these and I hope with the pressure of the “essentials” off of me to do lots of fun projects this summer!

      I have no idea about the affiliate links, sorry! I do love that you like to give people he credit though. It’s a win-win scenario.

  2. bemis

    My kids (3 and 2) are loving Picasso Tiles these days (®-Magnet-Building-Magnetic-Blocks/dp/B00AU56C5W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424394852&sr=8-1&keywords=picasso+tiles). The 3-year-old just recently went from 2D to 3D designs with them and has started building some impressive buildings and shapes.

    The real reason I bought them is because I thought they were so much fun, and sure enough, pretty much everyone who visits our house, from toddler to adult, loves them!

  3. Angie

    This looks like a fun, easy way to learn. Thank you for your post about why you blog. Very informative! I have another topic post, if you deem it so, lol. It’s a weird one, lol. Not meaning weird as in, your weird but as in you might think, who is this crazy blog reader that would ask this, lol. I recently saw a picture of Scout Willis, had no clue who she was at the time and the pic was a “pop up” I didn’t appreciate but it did its job in getting me thinking. The shock value was in that she didn’t shave her armpits, even had a picture, like she’s a weird freak of nature because of this. I thought, didn’t Renee post one time about not shaving her armpits. I have often thought, why do we shave? Men don’t! Why isn’t it acceptable for women not to? Like they are dirty if they don’t. See, told you it was a weird one but I know you were looking for topics to post about. Who knows, you could start a new “normal” for women :)

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