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Mother’s Day 2018…There’s a Car in our Creek

We woke on Mother's Day to find a tree in our creek.

Mother’s Day had a rather interesting start this year.

First, the dog wouldn’t stop barking.

Then I heard incessant knocking on the door.

And since I am the only one who can dear a Dog Barking and Door Knocking first thing in the morning, I was the one who got to answer the door in my pajamas.

And at my door was a man telling me his son had fallen asleep at the wheel and his car was now in our yard.

Um.We awoke on Mother's Day to find a car in our creek!

Yeah, it sure was.

The car somehow managed to miss every single tree and glide down into our creek (and yes, I’m pretty sure that is breaking some erosion laws).

We awoke on Mother's Day to find a car in our creek!

You might recognize this tree and this spot in our yard since our kids play there on a regular basis and I have taken many, many pictures of that spot.

Well, that was certainly the most eventful part of our day. That and watching the tow truck pull it out and talking to police. After that is was church and kids going in different directions.

Chuck grilled steak for lunch and we had that along with Caesar salad and sourdough bread which, I’ve decided, is the perfect meal. Then in the evening, I met up with two mom friends and we saw a movie.

We didn’t eat any crickets or make YouTube videos but the weather was glorious and I found some time to soak in some sunshine.

So, it was pretty much the perfect day.

How was your Mother’s Day?


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