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Christmas Movie and Hot Chocolate Bar!


This was a first for us. Both the hot chocolate bar and the Christmas movie. We haven’t had a TV for most of our marriage and now we have one (hooked up and used primarily as a computer screen) in our basement. We don’t have cable or any TV reception, so we can only watch movies on it. Somehow, all this means we’ve never actually watched a Christmas movie. Obviously, Chuck and I have seen plenty, but most of our children haven’t. Therefore, I though this would be perfect combined with hot chocolate and all the fixings.

121612_8549 blog

For the movie I wanted something fun and not to sappy. Something with a plot, but not so complicated that the little ones wouldn’t enjoy it.

121612_8553 blog

We chose Jingle All the Way, which ended up being a great choice. Cute, not too serious, happy ending. The three little boys (Mordecai, Hezekiah and Tucker) were rolling on the floor laughing…

121612_8554 blog

121612_8556 blog

121612_8557 blog

hotchocolate1002 copy

Even Apollo enjoyed the slapstick comedy…and a candy cane. Or two.



  1. Suze

    What a lovely thing to do. It is too hot here for hot chocolate. Movies with snow are a welcome distraction. I love Apollo’s shirt and to see the candy cane in his mouth is a real treat. I am off to serve Christmas dinner. It is just after midday in eastern Australia. For those that are curious right now it would be about 80 with a beautiful sea breeze and the Pacific Ocean is right outside our holiday rental.

  2. Sharon B.

    We realized that our children really didn’t have a clue about Christmas movies either. My 13 commented that this year she had finally learned Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer lyrics. So our recent movie night was a Christmas one. Great memories. I will have to remember the hot chocolate bar for next time.

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