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Cookie Decorating 2012


Yesterday was our  annual cookie decorating. We decided to keep it “small” this year and only invited one family. That way we only had 18 kids decorating cookies.121912_8476 blog


121912_8478 blog

storyboard001 storyboard002

Now that Apollo is allowed a *bit* of fat back in his diet, he got to sample the frosting. Over and over and over. He’s not afraid of food!storyboard003

For a kid who was born dead, Owen is looking mighty good these days…

121912_8501 blogMordecai thought Brenna was even sweeter than that cookies.

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  1. Ellen

    Look at all those miracles . . . Apollo, Owen, and the amazing gentleness of Mordecai! (Not to mention the fact you accomplished cookie decorating with 18 kids! #bravemomma). All kidding aside, it brings such hope to see these beautiful babies smiling – pure joy! So glad you make the time to blog. Sending hugs from Michigan 🙂

  2. Meghan

    Hi Renee,

    Looks like lots of fun! Your cookie party jogged my memory and I started wondering about your friend Hilary. I had followed her blog for a bit after it was linked from your blog once, but she hasn’t posted in a while. I hope the best for her and her kids and I was wondering if maybe you had an update on them? Maybe just conformation that they’re alive and well?

    Happy Holidays,

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Hilary is no longer blogging. She has been going through a divorce the last year and a half or so and she is trying to find a balance in her new life. Her kids are all in school and doing well. Unfortunately, we rarely see each other now which makes me very sad…

      • Meghan

        Thanks for the reply! Hope they’re doing well, and it is certainly understandable that blogging wouldn’t be her priority (or desire at all). Shame you guys don’t see each other much, but both of your families have been going through so much (divorce, Apollo’s health). I am sure one of these days things will settle down and you will find your way back to one another if that is what is meant to be.

  3. mary

    I noticed in one of the annual cookie recipe blogs you mentioned Keepers of the Home group. What is that and are they national or just in your area? Thank you Mary-lynn Snyder

  4. Jocelyn

    Well, I have never met a kid who turned down “sampling” icing. (Costco trains kids well these days!)

    Think Mordecai has the right idea – she is too cute!

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