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Birth Photography and Doulas

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Adalia got the call on Friday afternoon…she is now a certified doula with PALS! I am so proud of her. She has worked hard for this, beginning with her doula training at Bastyr University back in 2010  to attending births and everything in between. The very next day, Saturday,  she was doula at the birth of sweet little Jameson.

{And because there is confusion every time I mention the word “doula” on my blog, let me make it clear: a doula offers physical and emotional support to a woman during and after labor. Doulas provide no medical care or advice. Here is the definition as given by PALS.}

I too was present at Jameson’s birth as photographer. Julie is a good friend of mine and the photographer who took the beautiful photo you see at the top of my blog!


  1. LoriSfargo

    Oh how wonderful! And how BLESSED to be at this birth. Tried to look at pics but site won’t load. TY for the definition of a doula. I did not know this & would even enjoy doing it myself. :o). Birth is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    Blessings! And a GREAT JOB to your daughter. :0)

  2. Sharon Muza, New Moon Birth

    Congrats Adalia! I am so proud that you have been such a success! Congrats on achieving this certification. I know how hard you worked! You may have been the youngest doula I have ever had in my trainings (at 14 yo) but you are such a gift to those women, and so appreciated by many! Keep on doing what you do so well!

  3. Jo

    Adalia looks so comfortable and in her element. Congrats on earning the certification! How wonderful that she can be such a blessing to these ladies. If I were picking a doula, I would love to have one who had grown up around many children.

  4. Delia

    Renee, did you get to photograph a birth on your very own birthday? What a special way to commerate your own entrance into the world! Happy (Belated) Brithday!

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