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Meet Chloe {and her Family}

Meet Chloe {You Caring}

Chris and Sarah are friends of ours who were recently blessed with their third child, Chloe. Shortly after birth Chloe was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a heart defect which will eventually require open heart surgery. I was honored to be there with my camera as older siblings, Will and Natalie, got to meet their new baby sister for the first time.  20140823_6935 blog20140823_6936 blog20140823_6938 blog20140823_6939 blog20140823_6940 copy blog20140823_6941 copy20140823_6942  blog 20140823_6950 blog 20140823_6955 blog  20140823_6958 blog20140823_6986 websized

Sweet little Chloe is already loved and treasured. Her unexpected medical issues will be a financial strain on her family, however. If you feel led, check out her YouCaring page to see how you can help. I know Chris and Sarah would also love it if you left an encouraging word for them here.


  1. Liz

    Oh, Chris and Sarah, she is beautiful! She is perfect. 🙂 We are a year ahead of you in the joutney, and it was scary and heartbreaking and hard at first, but you are not alone. Look for the IDSC Connections group on Facebook, you will find much support and love there. and there are support groups ALL over. Welcome to a new and sometimes scary journey, but always worth it. My baby had heart surgery at 3.5 months. All is well, now. You are welcome to email me if you want someone to talk to – though I’m sure people in your own community will come out of the woodwork too, to invite you in to see their stories. Nonetheless, I am happy to help too. 🙂 crayon 27 at msn dot com
    Love to your whole precious family, from ours!

  2. Jess Guest

    Hi Chris and Sarah,
    My 6th child was born with unexpected medical issues too, requiring two open heart surgeries and a major stomach surgery in her first 8 months of life and lots of delays and health issues etc.. She has a syndrome, that few people have herd of so i wont go into the details, they aren’t the point.. The weeks and months after her birth are a blur. I spent all day every day for the first two months or so utterly immersed in her medical care in hospitals. I googled her syndrome and lots of scary things came up. But in among those scary things, was a blog. It had pictures of a little girl who had the same syndrome as my daughter playing with her big brother, getting into mischief in her home, being loved on by her Mum and Dad. It gave me hope. My little girl turns three next Monday and is doing great. It’s scary, it’s challenging, it’s exhausting. But the day to day? It’s about watching my baby girl play and be loved on by her brothers and sisters. While I wear the hats of therapist, advocate, nurse etc. it is my greatest joy to take off the hats and just be Mum, just love on my baby girl and just enjoy her.

    Stuff is scary right now and it probably will be on and off for a long time. But I pray you will grasp moments in which you can just enjoy your daughter. She is adorable.


  3. Liz

    Also…I am not sure what state you are in, but call the medicaid office. You should be able to get her enrolled almost immediately, and Medicaid might be retroactive to her birth, for her medical care. That has been such a help to us – we never could have provided for T’s needs without it. Also, ask about early intervention services. They are called different things in different stayes, but every state has something. She can get enrolled in therapies almost immediately. Also, you may want to look up Nutrivene. It’s a nutritional supplement that is for kids with DS. there is SO MUCH out there for our kids…I know it’s all so very overwhelming right now – but it gets better. It does. The first year for us was really overwhelming, but we have settled in to a good place now, and he has just passed his first birthday.

  4. Ruth E

    Beautiful! She will be a blessing to her family, and they will be a blessing to her! God is good, in every way, all the time! These photos so reminded me of my time there with Esther, 6 years ago this month!

  5. Julie Garrett

    Chris and Sarah – what a beautiful baby! And I love the excited reactions on your other kids’ faces 😀 If you’re interested, you might check out a blog called “To Love Honor and Vacuum”. Sheila also had a baby born with DS and a heart problem. On the one hand, I’m reluctant to send you there, because her baby died, and that’s NOT something I’m predicting for you, but she has some very helpful advice and comforting words. And, in one of those coincidences-that’s-not-a-coincidence, posted on it TODAY (anniversary of her son’s death). Again, I don’t want that to be something discouraging! She’s a very positive person. You can find the post here, if you’re interested:

    Wishing you all the best in your journey with your family,


  6. Samantha

    What a sweet family! I wish you lived near by and could have captured Kestrel’s first visit with Jasper. She was so happy. I wish I’d been more in the moment and less behind my own camera!

  7. Renee

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little Chloe!! You all will be blessed beyond measure as Chloe grows and teaches you all she knows. 🙂 We are 10 years into our journey with our amazing little girl who happens to have Down syndrome. She has taken us on a roller coaster like we could have never imagined. Full of twists and turns and surprises… sometimes a little scary, sometimes full of joy, sometimes even a little sad, but always 100% worth the ride. She is sweet and sassy and funny and full of attitude. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that kids with Down syndrome are always happy. It’s lies! Lies I tell you! LOL Chloe will get angry and be sad just like your other children, but she will also touch your heart and the hearts of those around you in ways I can’t even explain. More than anything else I can tell you, remember that Chloe is Chloe first. She is not Down syndrome. It’s not who she is, it’s just something she has. If you don’t let it define her… neither will she. Congratulations again, and welcome to the club! It’s the greatest family you never knew you wanted to be a part of. 🙂

  8. Shantel

    She is absolutely perfect! What a sweetheart! What a lucky family, to be blessed with a chosen daughter of God. All your children are adorable! ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Emily G

    Chloe is beautiful. Such adorable chub! Congratulations, Chris and Sarah on your new family member.
    My brother has DS and is now 23 years old. He had open heart surgery at 13 months. He has been healthy since and I can’t imagine our family without him. Though he has never been able to learn read or write, he loves to listen to books on tape, has some volunteer jobs which are very important to him, and is a doting uncle to my kids and a helpful son to our parents at home. He has a life and he is happy, just different from most people his age. While it’s important to understand that Chloe may not have the same independence as an adult that your other children have, know that she will be able to grow into a confident adult with a fulfilling life. Don’t ever underestimate her-reach for the stars! Like any child, she’s a bundle of potential.

  10. Sheri

    What a beautiful family! Chloe is beautiful, and I’m sure she’ll treasure these images of the joy in her siblings getting to meet her. Best wishes in your journey of learning to be 5 instead of 4!

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