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Cornwall Spray Park Adventures

kids playing at spray park

Well, my friends, the sun is shining every day and it is hot. All those jokes about it raining 364 days of the year here? Lies, I tell you. Does this look like rain? One thing I have always loved about this particular part of the planet is, we get hot, sunny days. Often a few weeks at a time in the summer…then, just as it begins to feel like too much…it rains and cools everything down. Then we start the cycle again. 

kids playing at spray park

Yesterday we had a bit of a break between picking Tilly and Mordecai up from school and camp so we headed to the park. Cornwall Park has a cool play ground, woods to walk through, a spray park that is open in the summer and an amazing creek the kids can cool off in. It was swamped yesterday, but that didn’t stop my kids from (figuratively) diving right playing at spray park

Apollo, as always, loved the water. He is so timid and shy and often anxious, but water has always been his love language. He may balk at the idea of a shower and scream when its time to get his hair washed, but if it’s on his own terms, he has no issues with water in his face and hair.

kids playing at spray park

Cornwall Park also has this amazing creek running through it. This time of year there isn’t much water in it, so it is safe for the kids to enjoy (don’t worry, the water only goes up to Apollo’s waist). It seems like a bit of paradise to the kids (and me with my camera).

kids playing at spray park kids playing at spray park

Our recent hot weather means the water was perfectly warm and perfect for exploring. I am so  thankful we get to live in such a beautiful area. We had trees, mountains, the ocean. What more could you ask for (besides white sand beaches and turquoise water)?

How have you been enjoying your summer days? Or winter days if you are one of my friends from the southern hemisphere?



  1. Melpub

    It’s hottern’ Dubai here in Northwestern Germany, believe it or not, so we are panting like beached whales and making watermelon smoothies with lots of ice. Hoping for better weather next week. Germany doesn’t do air conditioning, incidentally, except in tram and train stations and in department stores . . . .

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, we don’t have AC and our living room has two walls of windows so it is a solar oven in the summer! Surviving on smoothies were as well…

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