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Ear Piercing {The Jubliee Edition}

jubliee ears

123112_8917 blogstoryboard001123112_8925 blog

123112_8926 blog copyThe tradition around these parts (the Baker’s Dozen parts, that is) is for girls to get their ears pierced when they turn ten. Jubilee’s was a bit late due to me arriving home from Houston just five days before her birthday. I did manage to pull off a party (with new friends from school even!) and gifts, but no ear-piercing. We took advantage of her break from school and finally got it done the day before she returned.

swallow study

And, for those of you who don’t follow on Facebook or Instagram (littleearthling) Apollo had a perfectly normal swallow study yesterday! He has absolutely no compression on his esophagus. The swallow study was done because of his recent increase in choking. Since everything looks good structurally, it appears the he just needs to learn to eat food (much like a baby would) and be watched closely. I am so excited…This means, he no longer has a physical need for the g-tube! Now, don’t get me wrong, he needs the g-tube still because he can’t eat enough yet to maintain his weight and grow, but there is every reason to believe he will, eventually, be g-tube free.

His swallow study appointment was at 8 am and he had a second appointment (with a nutritionist) at 1:30 so we had a huge chunk of time to kill. When we left the hospital in the morning we told Apollo that we were going to head back later, but just to talk (he is always worried about getting x-rays).

Later, while heading back to the hospital, Apollo threw his arms up in the air in a gesture of explanation and said, “I’m not going to have heart surgery today. I am just going to talk to them and the people are just going to talk to me!”

That’s right, Buddy. No heart surgery today.



  1. Jessica

    I remember getting my ears pierced! What a fun tradition. I did my daughters at 5 and I wish I had waited. Her interest faded and then I had to hound her about care and keeping earrings in. Lesson learned.

    Yay for a good swallow study! When my kids learned to eat ‘real’ food, we practiced all chewing x many times.. was a good way to keep my toddler from trying to swallow a meatball whole :/

  2. Christine

    Oh I am so happy that Apollo can look forward to have no g tube someday. I am sure it is a relief to everyone. My girls get their ears pierced before their first year birthday, just a hispanic tradition, so earrings were always just a part of us, so we never messed with the earrings.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Chuck didn’t want the girls getting them pierced until they were old enough to take care of them. His nieces had them done as toddlers (before we met) and had endless problems. If it were just me, I would have probably had it done at 3 months or so- too young to mess with it or care. As it is, 10 was a random age we chose (old enough to care for themselves) and it makes for a fun tradition!

  3. Anna

    I wanted my ears pierced so badly when I was younger. I remember telling my mom on my 6th birthday that I was old enough, but she wouldn’t let me saying I was still too young. She finally let me get them done when I was eight…and let my little sister gets hers done at the same time. And she was six years old! Oh, I was mad and I never let her forget how unfair she was 😀 I’m over it now…I think;)

    • Heather

      ha ha That is funny how those kind of things just stick in our craw even when it no longer matters. I bet when you were 8 and she was 6 that was a pretty life shattering injustice!!! I was supposed to wait until age 12 but my mom caved when I was 9 and literally the only living unpierced person in the world!!! ha ha, yes I bemoaned the injustice long enough I wore her down.

  4. Sam

    Ten years old is a good choice 🙂 I got my ears pierced when I was six and ended up having to take them out, let them grow over and re-pierce a few years later because I just couldn’t take care of them and they got infected..yikes! As for Apollo, this is GREAT news 🙂 You must be so happy after all the little guy went through last year. Praise God!

  5. Delia

    Was supposed to wait until I was 13, wore my Mom down by age 11! Would love to see a close up of Jubilee’s new look – couldn’t see it in the process pics. Very happy for Apollo about the results of the study – I didn’t know when I got to lay eyes on him today. What great hope this brings.

  6. Sara Maria

    In my family we would get our ears pierced at 10 as well! I think that’s a great age to get your ears pierced and it was super fun because it made us feel like turning double digits was that much cooler

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