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First Words Around the House by Brain Quest

Reading daily to babies. increases their vocabulary
First Words Around the House is a fun book by Brainquest that will help grow your baby's vocabulary.

Why “Find the Word” Books Are So Good for Babies

Look, my friends, I’ll admit, I am personally no fan of the “find the word” type books. I want to read a story and be done with it. Not because I don’t enjoy reading out loud (I actually love it) I just want to follow a storyline (no matter how basic)…not discuss everything on every page. But as it turns out babies and toddlers love these books. They are more interested, it seems, in engaging illustrations and individual words than plot lines.

Baby reading First Words Around the House

Daily Reading to Babies Increases Vocabulary

Science Daily Reports, “The study, which builds on well-established research of early language development in toddlers 12 months and older, found that the infants who received consistent, daily reading of at least one book a day, starting at two weeks of age, demonstrated improved language scores as early as nine months of age”. I mean, this is no surprise to anyone…Am I right?

Find the Word books are a great choice for babies and preschoolers. They offer a variety of developmental benefits not found in other books. Obviously, your baby will benefit from any and all reading you do with them, but find the word books help foster early literacy skills by introducing young children to the concept of words correlated to images. Colorful illustrations and baby-friendly themes in these books spark curiosity and imagination.

First Words Around the House by Brain Quest

First Words Around the House fits the bill perfectly. Each two-page spread of this oversized board book begins with a sentence or two, “We are inside the house. This is the kitchen. What do you see?”. Each page has a two-page illustration with bright, clear drawings and tons of details to point out. The right-hand page has a column with questions to ask, “How many balls do you see? Can you find three red flowers?” etc.

Reading daily to babies. increases their vocabulary

My granddaughter (13 months old) loves this book. In fact, it is 10 a.m. and I have probably read it to her six times already this morning. She is young, so when we read this book I point out the items she is familiar with. We always find the cat (and say meow), and point out the toy balls, and the plants (she is obsessed with my houseplants). As she grows, this book will continue to grow with her. Eventually, we will be asking all the questions and she will be finding more and smaller details. But for now, it is a book we enjoy together daily.

Baby looks at First Words Around the House book

Another fun thing about First Words Around the House is the charming illustrations. You won’t see a cell phone or iPad in this book. Instead, you will find a basket of knitting, a record player, and many more vintage items. I love the detailed drawings of a simpler time.

This book by Brain Quest is geared for infants to toddlers. This book includes over 100 items for you to look at and name with your child. This book really is perfect for any family looking to read to their baby.

I was given a copy of this book for review purposes. I have received no compensation for this post.

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