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Free Entertainment: Evenings at the Lake Large Family Vlog

Swimming in Silver Lake.

Free Entertainment: Evenings at the Lake Large Family Vlog

David bridge jumping.

As the mom of a large family, I am ALL about free entertainment. From barbeques at our bank to free swimming lessons, we are there. I love where we live here in the Pacific Northwest. We are just a short drive from the mountains, the ocean, and we live in a forest. Less than 15 minutes from our house is a public park with lake access and we take full advantage.

This week’s vlog is a compilation of our summer trips to the lake. You will see water fights and Hezekiah utilizing a sinking rock to better explore the lake bottom.┬áSo far this summer my kids have found a toy train, toy dinosaur, a pane of glass, underwear, goggles and two towels in the murky lake. Some of these treasures they have brought home, others they have thankfully not.

I am working on the storytelling aspect of vlogging. I plan to do a First Day of School vlog next week, so be on the lookout for that. If you enjoy watching our family please subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications.




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