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Get Ready for Kindergarten with LeapFrog

{I was given the LeapFrog Get Ready for Kindergarten Set  in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received.}LeapFrog Get Ready for Kindergarten

As a homeschooling mom who believes in natural, organic learning I honestly haven’t been concerned about any of my children “getting ready for kindergarten”. I believe in offering a learning-rich environment in the early years and allowing little ones the time and space to explore. I believe the best preschool curriculum includes: nature walks, play dough, blocks, time in the kitchen and lots and lots of books.LeapFrog Get Ready for Kindergarten

Having said that, I am a huge fan of LeapFrog products. Apollo has spent way more time in front of a screen than the other kids because of his health issues. It makes me feel so much better to know that he is learning while he’s playing. LeapFrog is responsible for teaching Mordecai his letters and sounds at age 5 (with Letter Factory DVD’s), so I know firsthand how well it works.20140611_2421 blog

The new LeapFrog Get Ready for Kindergarten set includes a variety of activities to appeal to your preschooler. Apollo was happy to sample them all!

Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Game Pack

Apollo loves Stretchy Monkey, one of LeapFrog’s characters, and I love how much learning LeapFrog packs into the game. The LeapFrog games are dynamic…the game knows when Apollo has mastered a skill (or is still struggling) and adjusts the difficulty of the activity for him. The subjects covered include: letter recognition, number recognition, science, logic and social studies. Most of these games are a bit beyond Apollo’s current level (to be expected, I guess, since it is Kindergarten preparation) but he enjoys the ones he can play.

 LeapFrog Get Ready for Kindergarten

 LeapReader Read & Write

Apollo really likes the three LeapReader books in this set. LeapFrog has introduced four charming preschool characters: Pilar,Grace, Chris and Daniel. These characters are cute and clever and not in the least annoying (an important attribute in my opinion).  I love how interactive the books are (asking questions about the story) and Apollo loves the independence of “reading” a book by himself.

Apollo has shown no interest in the writing and tracing part, however. He is a fairly “late” scribble-er and color-er in our house and is just now getting into using coloring books, so that may play into it. I’m not worried about it. At age four, I’m certainly not going to pressure him; I just let him learn at his own pace.

All in all, if you love LeapFrog products and have children between 3 and pre-K, these would be a great investment.


{The following giveaway is NOT sponsored by LeapFrog. I just happen to have two extra games I would like to give away personally: Cooking! Recipes on the Road and Sesame Street Solve it with Elmo, Abby and Super Grover 2.0. Just leave a comment to be entered into the drawing. You will need a LeapFrog system to use these (LeapPad or LeapFrog GS) U.S residents only, please.} 

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  1. Angela

    My favorite pre-school “curriculum” is Before Five In a Row. I love the rich picture books and the gentle learning activities. With older children demanding more of my attention during our homeschool time, I appreciate the framework given so that I am intentional about spending that time with my youngest. I am sure my son would love the Leap Frog kit, it looks fun!

  2. Rebekah

    Our favorite preschool curriculum is: painting! It teaches fine motor skills, colors, blending, responsibility, imagination, and more!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Painting is awesome, though I’ll admit I don’t always have the patience to supervise it.

  3. Kelcie

    My niece absolutely loves all of the games! I don’t feel bad when I need to do something around the house and have to put her in front of it for 15 minutes. It is so nice!

  4. sarah

    very fun! My preschoolers are playing with playdough at the moment, but I can see the advantage to an extra “distraction” an bonus to learning while the big kids need some one on one time.

  5. Sam

    I love activities like experiments (eg. putting oil in water and shaking it up), mixing paint, bug catching… it’s fun, educational and develops reasoning skills 🙂 Leapfrog is also amazing though because you can use it anywhere at any time!

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