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Great Wolf Lodge {2012}

Bright and early Monday morning Chuck and I and eleven of our favorite children headed off for a two-day adventure at Great Wolf Lodge. We’ve been planning and saving for this trip since summer. Chuck wanted to take some time off for family this January (traditionally his slowest time of year) and a trip to Great Wolf Lodge was at the top of our list of things to do.

The timing of this trip was perfect. Just after Apollo’s diagnosis but before his surgery.

This is as good as group shots get with my crew!

This picture is called: Too Many Brothers for Tilly.

Well, two out of three smiling isn’t too bad…right?

If they were giving out awards for cute kids, I’m pretty sure Avi would have won.

We had such a great time as a family. No distractions from work, or laundry. No worrying about Apollo. Just time to focus on our family.

Oh, and we dragged my parents along for one night. The kids loved having Grandma and Grandpa there.

I was pretty sure Apollo would enjoy the water park. He’s always liked swimming…but I had no idea how obsessed he would be. When he woke up after the first night there, he sat up, looked around, and immediately said, “Wa-wa! Wa-wa!”. He threw his first all-out toddler tantrum (lying on the floor and screaming) because we wouldn’t take him immediately.  By day two he was saying “WA-WA park”. Too cute.

I have a ton more photos to share, but this is all I have time for now. I’ll be posting more tomorrow as well as an update on Apollo. Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Click here to see our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Sept 2010. And click here for even more photos of our 2010  trip.



  1. Melissa

    I just want to let you know (because I didn’t get a chance to leave a comment after Apollo’s diagnosis) that I am so glad you finally have an answer! And it’s because of your diligence in following your mamma instincts!

    I will continue to pray for your sweet little guy, that he will be comfortable and safe as he awaits surgery and that everything will go well when the time comes.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed a fun family trip! You all deserve it.

    Melissa 🙂

  2. Anna

    What a strange coincidence…I was just showing the old Wolf Lodge posts to my husband to prove that we can indeed take five kids…and I could do it alone if I had to! If you can do it with 14, I can do it with 5:) One question though- do they have life jackets there or do I need to pack my own?

  3. liz

    I was so happy to see Avi went. A place like that looks so awesome. I think my oldest like Avi could only take a day of it. And he would NEVER go for staying in a hotel. too many “new” things to look at. Very overwhelming for him. I wish they had a place like that close to us.For a days trip. can’t wait until summer where we go to a huge splash pad/beach front. It is a great day and when it’s over we get in the car for the 3 min ride home.

    You are super organized to bring all that food. That is great. That is the only way we will travel if we ever get there. seeing Avi gives me hope for my 6 yr old. That maybe we really will have family trips in the albums..

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