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Hanging with Friends

Just a few photos from times with our friends Greg and Merriann (our partners over at Large Family Reviews) and their adorable troupe of kids. Sometimes we get together to make YouTube videos, sometimes we play games…but we always do plenty of laughing and eating. And coffee drinking.children-playing-1

(The pictures of Judah are from when he was home over spring break)kids-playing-2

We don’t have family in the area…and I love that the kids are always completely comfortable with Greg and Merriann’s kids. Charlotte is two and Tilly seventeen….but obviously they enjoy hanging out together…on their electronic devices. kids-playing-3

Sweet little Ella, isn’t she the cutest???kids-playing-4

We have been having a beautiful, warm and (for the most part) sunny spring. Last time they came to visit we grilled ten pounds of chicken, played games and drank several pots of coffee. Friends who you don’t have to clean the house for or try to impress are the best. 


These photos of Tucker and Charlotte are from our camping trip last summer. We are already having great time planning this year’s camping trip. I am working on a few posts about camping with a large family. Are there any questions or topics you’d like me to cover?



    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That’s a great question! Unfortunately after her divorce and need to find work, we have seen a lot less of each other. The great news? We’ve been meeting together for lunch (along with another friend) once a month since December. It’s been delightful!

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