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A Morning in Our Homeschool Vlog

Homeschool morning vlog.
A morning in our homeschool vlog

Scroll down to see our vlog of a morning in our homeschool.

I really feel like we are finding our groove of homeschooling this year.

Back when I started homeschooling Iris, Judah, and Tilly, I started them all more or less at the same time. All subjects were done together. Each child learned to read when they were ready and math was working at their own pace. For most of their homeschooling years, Judah and Tilly (just 12 months apart) worked at the same level of math. It was wonderful as they were able to help each other when they struggled.

Homeschooling the uppergrades should be fun and exciting.

Despite being in 10th and 8th grades, Hezekiah and Tucker work on all subjects except math together. Most days we do either History/Social Studies/Geography or Chemistry together. Once we are done with that the boys work on math individually. Then they are free to read, work on merit badges for Boy Scouts, or pursue their own interests.

Hezekiah exploring the Nooksack River was the perfect day for a homeschool vlog.

School, as defined by sitting down with a textbook, takes an hour or two. But learning? That is happening all day long.

Hezekiah smiling by the Nooksack River.

Hezekiah is taking two band classes at the high school, both boys ran cross country this fall, and both are in Boy Scouts. These activities keep them active and allow them to maintain their friendships from school.

Tucker smiliing at the Nooksack Rivier.

I know a lot of people, fellow homeschoolers and skeptics alike, wonder if that can possibly be “enough”. Hezekiah had a friend from school ask him recently, “but do you actually learn anything?” No, my boys don’t spend hours pouring over textbooks, doing formal assignments, or taking tests.

Hezekiah has always been a deep thinker and old soul. Check out our vlog for more details on homeschooling.

But now that we have found our groove, the boys do spend hours every day reading books, asking questions, finding the answers to those questions, exploring, creating, writing (a story they’ve been working on for years with Judah and Enoch), working on Boy Scout merit badges, and more.

Homeschooling the uppergrades should be fun and exciting.

I can’t tell you how happy I was this summer when Tucker asked to homeschool, weeks after Hezekiah had asked. Homeschooling these boys together is so much easier and more enjoyable than just homeschooling one. They bounce ideas off of each other, compete with each other, work together, and explore together. They have a built-in companion when I am busy.

And just in case you are still skeptical, here is a peek at a recent homeschool day.

To see the actual nitty-gritty of homeschooling (books and resources) check out my page Homeschooling the Upper Grades. It has a detailed account of Hezekiah and Tucker’s homeschooling year so far along with links to books and resources. I will be updating that page all year long, so be sure and bookmark it.


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