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Homeschooling Teens

Homeschooling teens

The rhythm of daily homeschooling has taken on a completely different cadence now that instead of half a dozen preschool and elementary students, I just have two teens. Teens who can read and write (okay, we need to work on that one). Teens who are taught math twice a week by an actual math teacher. Teens who have dreams and desires and struggles. Teens who I now get to spend focused time with.

Mallard Ice Cream Bellingham WA

Thing is, my “little kids” make their needs known. They tackle me after school. They climb on my lap. They snuggle under my warm blanket and read with me. Teens? They don’t do those things.  So now with just the three of us, we are finding our connections through driving…and errands…and swimming and occasionally ice cream.

Unisex bathrooms at Mallard Ice cream

Our errand running the other day ended in a  stop at Mallard Ice Cream. Mallard is one of those quirky local places that I love so much. That, and they serve homemade (store made?) ice cream. Kalina had a coupon from the summer reading program at our local library, and I could hardly let it expire without giving her the opportunity to use it!

Enjoying ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream

I love large family life. I love the noise and the hustle and the bustle. But I also love the quiet moments, with just one or two of my children. I am savoring the long drives with these two, as we take care of business around town and Enoch fulfills his driving hours in anticipation of getting his driver’s license. 

Display at Mallard Ice Cream

It’s not that we are always discussing important life changing topics (though sometimes we are). It is that we become familiar with each other. We find time to connect, without the interruptions of their younger siblings. 

I treasure these days, because I know soon they will be gone. 



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