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Boomer’s Drive-In With the Boys

A date at Boomer’s Driv-In…with three of my boys.A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons.

On thing I forgot to add to our Non-Gift Christmas Traditions list is our annual Use the Kids’ Summer Reading Coupons In December Before They Expire tradition. This is probably one of the kids’ favorite traditions. For me it is kind of like an episode of the Amazing Race...can we make it to six or seven different locations to redeem each coupon…before they expire on December 31st? Last year we redeemed the last of the coupons on New Year’s Eve. Hey, those TV shows are only interesting because of the suspense, am I right? 

A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

The library used to give out a coupon to a single place each summer…like the year it was a free cupcake at Katie’s Cupcakes. I’ll never forget that blog post in which a reader left a scathing comment letting me know how cruel it was to take all of my kids to a cupcake shop, but only allow the ones who had coupons to indulge. Only, I never said anything about depriving my non-coupon-bearing children cupcakes. And I did indeed buy cupcakes for my poor, suffering children who didn’t have a coupon. Unfortunately, it looks like the comment didn’t move over when I moved my blog to this domain. I’d love to read it again for the sake of posterity. A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

For the last couple of years the library has been giving out coupons to different local businesses each week. And for some reason it didn’t occur to me to have the kids turn in their summer reading lists all on the same day. Thus our Use the Kids’ Summer Reading Coupons In December Before They Expire tradition. Which is totally fine. Hezekiah’s coupon for a free Boomer’s  Burger only cost me $26. A bargain. 

A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

Initially I was going to just take Hezekiah. Then Tucker asked to come and I left the decision up to Hezzy (it was date, after all). He said sure and then Enoch managed to smooth-talk his way in by pointing out he could get “more driving hours in” by coming along. And so the four of us went…and had an absolute blast. I laughed so hard I was crying at times. Which is good, because that is only workout  my poor abs are getting these days.

A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

Tucker loved Boomer’s Drive-In. He kept saying, “I feel like I’ve gone in a time machine and gone back to the 80’s”. Which is awesome, except that Boomer’s is modeled after a 50’s car hop type drive-in. You might remember my date here with Avi, when we sat in the van to eat. Today the boys chose to go in. This was Tucker’s first time, and these photos were not posed. This is truly how much he enjoys his burger!

A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

Enoch might have posed for a few photos…maybe. 

A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons A date at Boomer's Drive in with three of my sons

If you’re wondering about the top photo in hits set, I was trying to take a picture of Enoch through my waffle fry. It didn’t work out quite the way I had hoped…but I thought the photo turned out pretty cool anyway. And I have no idea why he looks like he is suffering….

Our trip to Boomer’s Drive-In truly was the highlight of week!

How was your weekend? 



  1. Anna

    Our library gives free passes to the zoo that is an hour and a bridge toll away. This: “Hezekiah’s coupon for a free Boomer’s Burger only cost me $26.” is why I skip the summer reading program and just give the cash I would have spent on gas to them as hush money. If they don’t complain about missing the same old animals we’ve been looking at for over 30 years and the prestige of putting stickers on a piece of paper that I have to keep track of, they can have my money.

    I’m starting to feel like I’m entering the Golden Age of Large Family FUNctioning though :)-

  2. Corrie

    Do you make your kids share their lego sets? Do you have rules on how long they can keep a structure up without a sibling using those pieces?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      The answer to that is long and complicated (and I think I’ll make an entire post out of it). The short answer is: the kids do not have to share their personal LEGO. I will try to answer the rest in an upcoming post.

  3. Liz

    That’s cool you can use different free coupons for reading The only thing we get is the Pizza Hut book It. And my kids are kind of pizza snobs and don’t like it so they’re kind of just sitting here Plus there’s no real incentive it’s just picked up at our homeschool group or they come in the mail I don’t think we’ve ever used a free birthday coupon at Barnes & Noble. We don’t do well with time crunches at all. We have a pretty good library but even the summer program is pretty awful. You fill out your things and all you could to do was enter a drawing to win a glass jar full of plastic knickknack toys.
    I’m just curious if you use these as incentives or is it just a byproduct of your kids reading? I wasn’t sure if in Publix assigned reading and so that’s how you’re getting mad. I was always kind of on the fence about incentives for reading as I figure they should be trying to read on their own without incentives. That being said I have kids who love books they’re just not big readers

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Ours have gotten coupons to: the cupcake shop, bread shop, ice cream shop, swimming and now these burgers. My kids are all readers (except for Avi who still struggles and Apollo who is still learning). As a result, this is more of a fun game with a reward at the end. My children all read for pleasure every day, so there is no need to challenge them. We did summer reading at different library a few years ago and the rewards were cheap plastic trinkets. Yuck. Every summer at least one of my teens earns a $10 gift card from the teen summer reading (obviously not too many teens enter).

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, sometimes they have assigned books to read. All are supposed to read 20 minutes a day. Ha ha. That’s like saying I should drink at least one cup of coffee per week 😉

  4. sue

    That is pretty cool.. We don’t get stuff like that.. we have a wonderful library.. really do.. but they have a thing with TD bank here.. read 10 books, get 10.00!.. only problem you age out at 10 …but that is about it.. sue

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