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It’s Bronchoscopy Day!

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It's bronchoscopy and adenoidectomy day and this little guy is accepting any and all prayers on his behalf.

Most important: prayer for his safety. The bronch requires a general anaesthetic. 

Next, prayers that the doctor would find whatever is causing the chronic respiratory issues.

And last, that their would be no complications.

It will be a rough day. He can't nurse past 3 am. We are leaving at 5 am to drive down to Seattle. We have a 7:45 check in time and a 9 am surgery time. He will be hungry and very upset that he can't nurse.

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Remember yesterday's post when I said my children were funny? I knew I had something to write about Avi, which is why I posted the photo, but then I couldn't remember it. I get these brilliant ideas for blog posts in the middle of the night, then can't remember them by morning.

Anyway, Sunday when I was giving Avi her shower she said, "Mom, remember that time you got water in my eyes and used the towel to make it better? That was the first time you ever helped me."

Apparently six years of loving, feeding, rocking and care taking count for nothing since the first time I've ever helped her in her life was a couple of months ago! She cracks me up.

And Apollo. His receptive language skills are amazing. Every day I am surprised by something he understands. This afternoon the older boys had created a homemade water gun and were shooting Apollo with it. He was laughing hysterically and running over to me, then back to them. His shirt got soaked and I said, "Apollo, go toast your buns" and he ran over to wood stove, turned his body around and bent his legs sticking his fanny out so he could "toast his buns".



  1. liz

    Praying Apollo is fine. By now I assume the surgery is over. I pray for his safety and lack of complications. My almost 16 month old receptive language is amazing also. we just commented on that the other night. That reminds us he is listening and hears alot and is comprehending alot of age appropriate stuff. Can’t wiat to hear an update on Apollo. You are a strong family and will get through this.

  2. Delia

    Have had Apollo in my thoughts & prayers many times today…and laughed OUT LOUD when I read Avi’s comment…It’s so great you finally stepped up to the plate after all these years & actually helped the girl!

  3. Lou

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please let us know as soon as possible that he is ok. I’m sure he will be. Thoughts and prayers also with you. Stressed anxious would be bad enough without being on top of no sleep and crying boy who prob can’t understand why he can’t nurse….mind you, if he understands “toast your buns” perhaps he could understand! (I had to google buns. I already knew what you meant by fanny. Don’t use the word in Australia. The meaning is different…)

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