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Job Corps Update

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I am so very proud of my Liberian children! Keziah was home last weekend and brought her certificate of completion for Office Administration to show us. She has worked so very hard for this!  Soon she will graduate from Job Corps. She has decided to stay near the Job Corps center, rather than move back here to Bellingham. She has made some great friends, attends a church she loves and is setting down her own roots.

Boaz has completed his carpentry training and is working his first full-time job, about three hours south of us.

Ezra is working toward his High School Diploma and job training in painting.

These kids have worked so hard…We are so proud of them!




  1. Joan M

    Please tell Keziah how excited for her that I am. I am loving following her progress here. Can I say that I am proud of her as well??

  2. Peg

    This is what being an American is all about! Work hard and be successful. What an accomplishment for all three of them.

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