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McDonald’s with the Fam

What is it about McDonald’s that kids love so much? Back when Apollo only ate a few foods and was literally starving (prior to his g-tube) he still enjoyed microscopic bites of chicken nuggets and french fries. As he grew old, had his tube placed and began to eat more, McDonald’s became a regular stop after his visits to Seattle Children’s Hospital. His visits (thankfully) are less frequent now; both the hospital and McDonald’s. Recently he requested a Happy Meal…some friends in kindergarten had been talking about their Angry Bird toys (darn you McDonald’s and your marketing) and he wanted one. It has been a long time since his last trip to this fine dining establishment, so Saturday we surprised the kids with lunch.

Family time at McDonalds

A trip to McDonald's with the family

While in line the kids were trying to decide what to get when someone requested a Big Mac. 

“What? We can get Big Macs? I want one too!” 

A couple of minutes later the child was heard saying, “A Big Mac! I never thought I’d be able to get a Big Mac until I turned 18 and bought it myself!”

It’s the little (or Big) things in life, my friends.

Family time at McDonalds


Family time at McDonalds

Family time at McDonalds

Family time at McDonalds

This special lunch was also feeding therapy for Apollo…but don’t tell him that. At our last few visits to the Feeding Clinic the dietician has encouraged us to cut back on (what we call) Apollo Food. For several years that has kept him using his mouth and eating…but we are trying to slowly phase that out now.

Family time at McDonalds

We are being encouraged to give him his special foods…but offer them to the whole family. You might ask why we wouldn’t just do that in the first place…why have special Apollo Food? Because years ago, without it, he would have starved…and that is not an exaggeration. And when his tube was placed, we made it a priority to keep him eating by mouth. This meant for a long time potato chips for breakfast (a great carb to go with his eggs) and Peanut M&M’s (plenty of fat and calories)…not something we were going to feed our other kids on a daily basis. His priorities were different then.

Family time at McDonalds

Family time at McDonalds

Family time at McDonalds


Family time at McDonalds

So everyone benefitted from our little outing:

Apollo got an Angry Birds Happy Meal.

The kids were fed.

Life-long dreams of Big Macs were fulfilled.

We did our part to support the economy…

After that, we had another surprise lined up…but I’ll save that for another day.



    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks. I’m so glad I captured that moment. She is doing really well…she has her issues (don’t we all?) but I feel very hopeful overall.

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