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Apollo XIV {One Year Old}

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Oh Apollo, you've taken us for a ride this past year, that's for sure…

* refusing to stay head down the last month of pregnancy

* cord prolapse

* frenulectomy

* poor weight gain

* visit to the ENT's at Seattle Children's Hospital

* pneumonia and RSV

* sweat test for cystic fibrosis

* and more joy than we could ever calculate…

17 pounds 14 ounces

{For those of you not on facebook, his cystic fibrosis test came back negative. The doctor is completely stumped and now referring him to the lung doctors down at Children's}





  1. Wendy Simmons

    Praise the Lord! I have been holding my breath & praying for Apollo. I will continue to pray that the doctors will either find out what exactly is going on or that his lung ailment will disappear & he will gain weight. I find it interesting that he is underweight but my son’s doctor told me that he was on the low end of the “normal” scale…he is 7 1/2 months old & weighs roughly 18lbs. they told me he was only in the 15%. i thought that was crazy low because he is crazy, chubby big!! anyway, praying for Apollo & you!! i enjoy your blog.

  2. Lorri Dean

    So happy the Sweat Test came back negative! I know you’ve read my blog post on Brenden, but lots of details were left out. Brenden received his first sweat test at 7 months and this was after his pediatrician took dozens of “tests” and prescribed hoards of medications to help him. That kid had so many x-rays and tests before his first year, it’s crazy! The 2nd sweat test was given around 2 years of age when he was still sick. All I can say is KEEP PRESSING! There is a reason why he is sick. I know doctors have a way of shrugging off things we learn on the internet, but I’d ask for an MRI or CT scan so they can check off Vascular Ring/DAA. This was the LAST thing I thought of all 11.5 years of his life before he was diagnosed with it. Praying for little Apollo and that you’ll find a listening doctor…one that will just go full force trying to find out what is actually wrong and not one that is okay treating the symptoms. 🙁 Gosh, my heart breaks for you! I totally know what you are going through and it SUCKS! 🙁 HUGS!!!

  3. Kristen

    I’m very glad to hear about the negative CF outcome. I hope the docs at Children’s find a clear and easily remedied cause for all the difficulty. 🙂

  4. Laura

    I’m so relieved the test came back negative. I’ve thought of you and Apollo often the last week and prayed for you both. Great news! Now, will continue to pray for complete healing as well as discovery of what ails your little guy.
    Blessings from Mozambique,

  5. Lisa

    So thankful the test came back negative but sure it’s hard not knowing what’s going on. Prayers for God’s healing touch continue!
    What precious pictures of an amazing, beautiful treasure!
    I’ve followed along on his journey and am so thankful God has blessed you (and the rest of us virtually) with him!!
    Much love!

  6. Brooke

    renee… you are one of three blogs i look at (the only person i don’t know)…i will continue to pray for you and apollo. my sixth was just diagnosed with XLMR, which although very different than what you’re dealing with, takes a lot of care. i wanted to encourage you with the encouragement the Lord has given me. if you have time, read my blog posts and
    the Lord is good and sovreign!

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