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Four Fun Pictures Books to Read This Spring

For great picture books to read this spring.

Four Fun Pictures Books to Read This Spring.

Yes, I am technically a little bit old to be reading picture books but in my defense:

  1. Apollo isn’t too old to be read to (are we ever really too old for that?)
  2. I love reviewing books to share with other families.

Okay, enough of that. Now on to four fun pictures books for your family to read this spring.

Post contains affiliate links. I received these books for review but received no compensation for these reviews.Two Kings by Emma Lewis Review.

Two Kings by Emma Lewis

“When the old king dies, a Duke and Earl find themselves in competition for the throne. Their vanity and greed soon lead them to war. But who will win? And what will happen to the people of the land?”

I really like the mixed media illustrations in Two Kings.

Two kings is a story of war and loss written at a child’s level. I love the illustrations in this book, some are made with mixed media. The ultimate lesson in Two Kings is how greed and pride can destroy. It ends on a very hopeful note.

The Wobbly Waitress by Lisa Stickley review.

The Wobbly Waitress by Lisa Stickley

The Wobbly Waitress is a hilarious story of Mabel the giraffe who, unfortunately, gets hiccups while on the job one day. She is a waitress and I think you can imagine how this tale goes.

The Wobbly Waitress by Lisa Stickley review.

Mabel ends up spilling and flinging food all over the cafe. Thankfully, her friends truly care about her and come up with a creative way to help. This book is full of delightful rhymes and descriptions of food. This book has human and animal characters and includes people with different skin tones (an important feature to me in books). This book will delight children ages 3-6.

The Lost Property Office by Emily Rand review.

The Lost Property Office by Emily Rand

The Lost Property Office by Emily Rand is a story that every child can relate to, losing a beloved toy.

The Lost Property Office by Emily Rand review.Thankfully, this little girl has a family that loves her. After a dream about lost toys, the little girl’s grandpa comes up with an idea about how to find the lost teddy.

The Lost Property Office does a great job of showing a variety of ethnicities and cultures in the illustrations. Apollo loved examining the drawings and finding hidden details.

Book review: The Loose Horse by Mark Nicolas.

The Lost Horse by Mark Nicholas

The Lost Horse

“When the sculpture of a horse disappears from the gallery, everyone is panicked! The police start a countrywide search—where could he be? Has he been stolen? Did he run away? In a village outside the city, young Lyra dreams of having a friend of her very own. So when she hears a knocking at her window and sees the face of a horse peering through the glass, she cannot believe her luck!”

The Lost Horse is a beautiful book about a lonely little girl and a bronze horse. It demonstrates how friendships can grow and develop and how sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zone to make new friends.

The Lost Horse is a great book for ages 5-7.

Do you have any great book recommendations? Leave the in the c




  1. bemis

    Check out “On a Beam of Light” about Albert Einstein. It’s a picture book and a fantastic introduction to Einstein, as well as to some difficult scientific concepts. It also shows how a kid who is different than others has a big part to play in the world. I bet Apollo would really enjoy it.

    We also recently read “The Bad Times of Irma Baumlein”–a chapter book by Carol Ryrie Brink (who wrote “Caddie Woodlawn”). It’s out of print, but easy to find used on Amazon. I loved it as a child, and my kids love it now as well. It’s a fun and very funny look at some potential consequences of lying.

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