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Sensory Beads By Sandra Review

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

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Sensory Beads by Sandra review.

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

Apollo is our third shirt-chewer.

Yes, shirt-chewer as in, I can and will use these pearly whites to put holes right through the clothing my mom bought me. 

Enoch (now 17) was so bad that he used to be able to chew a hole in the front of his shirt in less than a day! He was about five when it was at its worst and he was only allowed to wear two shirts at home…I put the rest up and only let him wear them when we left the house.

I so wish I would have known about sensory beads back then.

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

Sensory beads or sensory necklaces are simply something safe for your child to chew on. They are a much better choice than clothing, pencil erasers or books.

I wrote about how to pack a sensory-friendly back on my family blog. In that post, I mentioned Ark’s chewable necklaces.

Apollo has one and has enjoyed wearing it (it looks just like a LEGO brick!)

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

Lately, however, Apollo has been wearing this necklace from Sensory Beads by Sandra.

The Sensory Beads by Sandra are softer and more “chewy” than Apollo’s Ark necklace. When I asked Apollo which he preferred to chew on he said the Sensory Beads because they were softer.

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

The Sensory Beads by Sandra facebook page says:

“Sensory Beads are designed for children with oral sensory needs. They are made with BPA free silicone beads and food grade nylon string. Each necklace features a plastic breakaway clasp to prevent accidental strangulation.”

As you can see there is a knot in between each bead so there is no need to worry that your child will break the string and choke on the beads (though they do include a choking hazard).

Sensory Beads by Sandra Review

The clasp is easily opened and closed and there is no need to worry about strangulation.

These sensory necklaces come in a variety of colors you can choose yourself. They come in two sizes: 15″ or 10″.

Sensory Beads by Sandra:


  • well-made
  • knotted between beads
  • break-free clasp
  • plenty of color choice
  • soft beads
  • great price
  • support small business


I didn’t find any cons.


I give these beads 5 out of 5 stars. They are nice to chew (according to Apollo) and have saved endless shirts. They are well-made and nice to look at.


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