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Stop and Smell the Cookies and Other Books to Enjoy

Inspire your kids to get outside with these fun picture books for spring.

Here is a list of some fun new pictures books we are enjoying this spring.

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Inspire your kids to get outside with these fun picture books for spring.

Stop and Smell the Cookies by Gibson Frazier and Micah Player

Stop and Smell the Cookies is more than just a book about enjoying the small things in life. Dash is a small boy with BIG feelings about, well, everything. Dash loves karate, his Grandma Noni’s cookies, and playing with friends. Unfortunately, sometimes Dash gets so excited, he reacts before thinking. And that leads to trouble with friends, broken cookies, and worst of all, Dash feeling horrible about himself.

Thankfully, Dash’s mom has a great idea to help him think before he acts. Using examples from Dash’s “rough couple of days” she teaches him the square breathing technique. I think square breathing is an excellent way for anyone to take a moment and calm themselves. And Dash’s mom finds an easy way to teach Dash a simplified version: smell Noni’s cookies, blow out the candles, and count. This book is perfect for any child who struggles with impulse control.

And to make the book even sweeter, try out our Monster Cookie recipe.

I am Temple Grandin by Brad Meltzer & Christopher Eliopoulos

I am Temple Grandin is a children's book about Dr. Grandin.

I am Temple Grandin is one book in the Ordinary People Change the World picture books series. In my opinion, an odd choice since there is nothing ordinary about Temple Grandin. This book is a simple biography of Grandin spokesperson for autism, animal behaviorist, and author.

I am Temple Grandin is a cartoon-style book for kids about Dr. Grandin's life.

This book describes Grandin’s early life on a farm, where her parents noticed right away something was different about their baby. From avoiding eye contact, not wanting to be held, and speaking late, Grandin had many of the classic signs of autism and sensory processing disorder from an early age.

I am Temple Grandin has a great timeline in the back of the book.

With fun, cartoon-like illustrations, I am Temple Grandin tells the inspiring story of Grandin’s difficult early childhood to her eventual success as an inventor, her doctorate in Animal Science, and how thinking in pictures has enriched her life. A great introduction to one of autism’s most inspiring representatives. One of my favorite parts is the timeline in the back of the book which could be a great jumping-off point for deeper learning about Dr. Grandin.

Check out this post for a list of our favorite picture books about sensory issues as well as my gift guide for kids with sensory issues.

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures is another great early biography of Temple Grandin.

Rabbit Duck and Big Bear by Nadine Brun-Cosme & Oliver Tallec

Rabbit Duck and Big Bear is a book about friendship and differences.

The best kind of friends are those friends that you do everything with. At least, that is what Rabbit believes. Rabbit, Duck, and Bear do everything together…or do they?

Rabbit Duck and Big Bear learn important lessons about friendship.

One day, Rabbit makes a shocking discovery. What does this mean about their friendship? Rabbit and his friends all learn an important lesson about friendship and relationships.

Moth & Butterfly: Ta Da! by Dev Petty & Ana Aranda

Moth and Butterfly: Ta-Da! Tells the story of two caterpillars who meet and then change (happy metamorphosis!) into a moth and butterfly. This book covers the similarities and differences between a moth and a butterfly.

This book has bright, colorful illustrations and does a great job of showing some of the main physical differences between a moth and a butterfly (antenna, colors, etc) and how butterflies fly gracefully during the day and moths bump and bumble around at night.

My grandsons, ages 3 & 5 really enjoy this book. The last time they were over, three-year-old M said, “yay, grandma, I’m so glad you still have this book” and it was the first one he wanted to read off our pile. That’s a hearty endorsement because we all know three-year-olds aren’t known for their tact. When I asked M if he was a moth or a butterfly and he said neither…but five-year-old P piped up with, “I’m a butterfly!”

Ship in a Bottle by Andrew Prahin

Ship in a Bottle picture book

Ship in a Bottle tells the story of a cat and mouse who lived together. Mouse likes to do all sorts of things…and cat? He wants to eat mouse.

Ship in a bottle picture book.

Mouse heads off in his ship in a bottle to find a better home. He has plenty of yummy gingersnaps inside. Unfortunately, the seagulls discover them and make short work of Mouse’s food supply.

Mouse travels here and their meeting friends and foe, until he finally finds a new home. This is a charming little story about a mouse longing for adventure and a cat longing for dinner.

Have you read any of these books? Be sure and share your current favorites in the comments!


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