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Octopuses Have Zero Bones Review & Free Printables

Free printables to go along with Octopuses Have Zero Bones

Octopuses Have Zero Bones: A Counting Book About Our Amazing World By Anne Richardson and Andrea Antinori

This book was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions are my own. I have received no compensation for this post. May contain affiliate links.

Octopuses Have Zero Bones is a fun, fact-filled book your kids will love.

Octopuses Have Zero Bones is the current favorite book in our house. Is it a counting book? A science book? An animal book? 

YES! It is all that and more. This brand new picture book is geared toward ages 6-9 (though my grandsons 3&4 fully enjoy this). 

Two preschoolers read Octopuses Have Zero Bones

Full of fun questions (and answers) like: How many leaves are on an oak tree/ How many times does a black bear’s heart beat per hour? How many hearts does an octopus have? You and your child will learn the answers to these and so many other facts about our world. 

Octopuses Have Zero Bones is an Early Math Book

Octopuses Have Zero Bones is a fun early math book.

This book is organized in a structure that will have your child learning foundational math concepts without even realizing it. The book begins with the number zero (octopuses have zero bones) and moves on through to the number nine. Each section (filled with fascinating facts your kids will love) covers the power of ten (1 and 100, 2 and 200, etc) laying the foundation for higher math. This is all buried within the fun illustrations and facts that will spark your child’s interest. 

A section at the end of the book offers ideas and suggestions for counting and measuring things in the world around us. 

Illustrations for Octopuses Have Zero Bones

Octopuses Have Zero Bones is one of those books that you can read word for word all the way through or pick your favorite pages or pictures to read. 

I am always, always on the hunt for picture books that introduce math in a natural, non-formal way to build math literacy in my children and grandchild. This book fits the bill and so much more. 

Coloring pages to go with Octopuses Have No Bones

Andrea Antinori’s illustrations are bright, bold, and beautiful! They will draw your child in and have them scanning each page for fun new details. 

I recommend this book to all parents of children young enough to still enjoy picture books. You won’t regret this one!

Fast Facts: Octopuses Have Zero Bones

Oversized picture book

68 pages

Recommended for ages 6-9

Covers counting, measuring, and the function of zero, along with tons of scientific facts

A section at the end for expanding learning

$19.99 hardcover 

Free Printables to Accompany Octopuses Have Zero Bones

Free printables to go along with Octopuses Have Zero Bones

I created this fun octopus coloring page to accompany Octopues Have Zero Bones. My grandsons had so much fun coloring them…and loved the added detail/fact that they also learned from the book…Octopuses have three hearts!

And if your kids enjoy that, you should definitely also download my free jellyfish coloring page.

Using Froot Loops to make a fun jellyfish craft

Just add Froot Loops and pipe cleaners and you have a fun, edible craft for preschoolers!

Preschooler holds up free jellyfish coloring page for craft.

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